WEARING DENIM | dahyeshka

Hi, it's Dasha No Maxie, no Maxie.

I need to work good girl.

It's April already.

Can't believe 3 months of the year past without being outside much.

This video was brought by Revolve.

Today I'll be styling denim.

White T shirt and denim are my favourite fashion items.

I have so many of them in my wardrobe.

We can wear denims 4 seasons, it's a staple item.

So I guess it's a good excuse to shop denim even while we're in quarantine 😉 Starting with first outfit! It's quite different to the typical denim look we might think of.

I chose black denim and it's one of my favourite clothes.

The waist is on point.

Can match with sneakers, or mules like me, or boots.

It just goes well with anything.

Top is from Song of Style.

Not everyone might be comfortable with this mega short crop.

So I'd wear it with high rise bottoms.

Or also there is another way to wear it- Bring the straps from the back all the way to the front And fix it underneath with the pin.

You'll have extra 4 cm length and less lower boobs showing.

So first outfit was a non typical denim style.

Because my shoes match the top color, I wanted to wear a white head band to bring more color, Next one is, Denim on denim look.

If you're not comfortable with wearing a same color denim on denim, There are so many different denim shades and you can mix any shades you have in your wardrobe Top is Levis, pants are Rollas.

Rolla's denims are pretty when you wear a snug fit They make your butt look like a super model butt.

And they're stretchy, so it's not that uncomfy.

I want to add a belt to here.

Brown or black? I think I'll go with brown today.

Makes my waist look slimmer.

You're always so happy to see unnie.

I styled the same denim shirt with different bottom.

White leather shorts.

I actually like to style my clothes with white color.

(it makes easy) Levis denim shirt have the Western vibe, so I styled today with western boots from Ganni.

Levis, GRLFRND, Ganni.

The waist is too tight.

Omg Be cool.

Ha! Another leather + denim outfit.

I'm wearing a leather jacket.

Song of Style, Lovers + Friends, Agolde, Vans.

Leather blazer looks good with anything, but easiest way is to style with denim.

And white T shirt would look so good, Not sure if you noticed, but all the outfits I'm doing today has a similar color palette.

They're all baby blue, mint, green.



Something that flows well with a denim.

This is probably something I wear actually a lot.


Lpa, Agolde, Converse.

This is something I really like again.

I'm quite into 90s lately, This shirt has massive buttons, it reminds me of my mom's closet in 90s.

I don't like this too much massive pearl buttons thing So I'd like to hide some of them like this using pins.

This whole outfit gives me a loose mom's clothes vibe And it also has a shoulder pads.

So pretty! I make a image of the outfit when I get ready for this Revolve video The fit is too different to the model's GRLFRND, NBD, Agolde, Raye.

I wore this denim pants 3 times already, it's the most basic fit that is comfy and pretty.

The fit is just enough loose, I can style it in any way or with any shoes.

I recommend sizing down with this jeans.

I didn't want to attract too much of attention on my shoes, so went with this nude pink mules.

This bustier has again way too big cup for me.

I should have sized down.

I ordered S.

Okay, now the last one.

This is the last one, Something is missing.

The scarf is a bit big, so wrapped my hair like Russian ladies style.

L'academie, Agolde, Raye.

Can't remember where I got this scarf from.

This was a such a painful clothes to wear.

It's way to cold.

Before you wear please make it warm under your blanket or whatever.

I love how it sits on my body.

I like this denim, because it's a flare but not too much.

This color will also be really pretty to wear in Fall season.

I like how it's high rise.

It covers my carb belly when I wear cropped tops.

I love how this top looks.

This top get warm to my body temperature Now I got a bit warm.

Please let us know what stying video you want to watch next.

Should I do something that we could wear at home during self quarantine and still wear it out when this whole thing is finished? See you in my next video.

I have so many videos I filmed and haven't edited yet.

Everything has been delayed for about a week from my schedule.

I'll go edit now.

Thanks for watching.