RIVALS WEST COAST | Nike SB Air Force 2 'Rivals' Denim QS Unboxing with Mr B

hey YouTube this is the unboxing of theNike SB AF 2 but the rivals pack so again watch let's do it now hey there guys it's mr.

B from Pint of stuff here and we've got the unboxing of this AF 2 Nike SB the denim rivals packshoe long story for this though I post basically paid double retail because Ididn't think they were coming out in the UK so I bought them in the u.


shippedthem to a warehouse there and then ship them back and it has broken the bank butwe want to get into these so I'm gonna start speeding up yesterday on sneakercam just about oh my word that was no words no words so we'll give you thebitten sale health they did it everyone a camera – that really didn't soundhealthy so what we got here we have got the Nike SB air force 2 low quickstrike it is a US eleven and a half that would be SJ a UK ten and a half thecolorway is binary blue binary blue white the code for many such folks is azero to nine eight four four one they were obviously bought in the US sothey retailed the US retail at ninety five still got the tab on there and wewant to go in so first of all so these came from Atlas and San Mateoso got the shipping details there that can go they've also dropped in a lovelylittle booklet ten years of Atlas – okay we're going to look at that later that'sdope oh my word I wasn't expecting thatthat's cool Thank You Atlas not sponsored by the way buyout this justhappen to shop there a lot okay so we're going in oh wow okay so let's say it'swood cut paper everyone would cut paper gonna get that out there stick thattherefore s tray on sneaker camp yay my friends atlas have also thrown in acouple of stickers they're going on the sticker box throw the Box awayso first thing first impressions with these I saw these on Instagram they wereactually put up on the FTC site I'll rephrase that actually SJ saw them onthe FTC Instagram feed when I first saw them with this this particular colorwayah I actually thought they were dunks when I looked at them initially theyjust reminded me with this particular colorway with the way that the stitchingon the denim has been probably just reminding me had done is like I've gotto get them but unfortunately at that time I didn't think they were coming outin the UK so I was like oh well so this is what Nike are dubbing the rivals packthey're saying that this isn't related to the west coast and two pack maybethere was a little bit of inspiration there because this is very dark denimvery dark denim and SJ coming closer we're coming close what we've got on theback here is we've got not too paisley print on the back and actually we've gotnods to Paisley on the inside as well that Paisley right SJ I'm gonna ask youto come in really close if you can I don't know if this is gonna work underthese in these conditions and we're going to loosen them off just a littlebit because unusually so the Paisley starts on the back here but if weactually look inside the shoe on the inside can you see on the edge there thePaisley comes down here can we see that look how nice that is that actually goesall the way through and so we're going to get the the shoe liner out if we canyep it's a zoom sole as well so we've got that zoom hit that zoom element inthe heel unit as we can see there but that Paisley theme it flows all the waythrough the shoe and it's one of the nicer shoe liners that you can get andand it's all on the inside there's a lot of detail you can't see this it's rightright get get that right in there right it's there lots of light if you go allthe way in can we see that it goes right down to the bottom so if you think aboutwhen when the the shoe liner that inner sole as we say in the UK the inner soulgoes in the Paisley on the edge here on actually flows right down to this thereis a really really nice touch let's get the paper out boomthat's gonna put that back in there obviously Nike has been many many timesI've used denim and it always worked this isn't there's a really nice shoesreally really nice so again come in come in here too so so if we have a look atthis like look at the stitching detail around so it really stands out it reallylike that's that's a really tough denim the other thing I really really likeabout the shoe is I really like these blue flat laces they just work well Idon't think they put alternate laces in the boxI'm just gonna have a peek just let me the shake of the box there no alternatelaces we're working with we're working with the blue flat laces anotherinteresting detail which didn't really think about but if you think about whenyou wear a pair of jeans yeah SJ a rivet so they've actually used more of a brasscolor brass brass brass color sort of rivet they're just a just to remind youof denim if we look at the sole we've kind of got it's not a true gum sole butit's pretty close so Esther's got that there camera too just so you can see I'ma look at that that solar in fact I'm gonna spin that shoe around for youbecause it is super clean just super clean shoe I was looking at one of myolder videos which we filmed probably in probably actually in February of the endof January 2017 and one of the words that I was really keen on when I firststarted doing YouTube was strong and this shoe impetu mises strong that's areally nice shoe whether it is rivals whether it's meant to be arepresentative of the west coast who knows I just think it's a really reallyamazing colorway yesterday as I was saying to camera two on the sneaker camthe stitching it just works really well and this this fabric like I wouldactually I'd actually buy i buy denim like thisI'd buy jeans in this that this it's nearly a raw raw ten in there and youcan see on that on the tongue if we come back on the tongue so moving the tablethat it just works so well I love the red detail on the back of the the labelthere Nike SB Air Force two there I'm really looking forward to putting theseon feet they're super nice SGO do your business come onshow the world just how amazing these shoes are I may if these go on sale inthe UK because they're so nice and in theory even though I've already paiddouble retail I might actually double up on these I'm really loving the af2profile at the moment for me it's a chunky issue I'm really reallyloving it just has Duncan as' to it which sounds really really stupid I knowbut it just reminds me of all the dunks just because it's just a heavier thickershoe so let us know what you think everyone like do you really like these Ithink that if I was down with the kids I'd say that these were fire like theyslept on slept on loads I think that's such a nice shoe like let us know in thecomments hey do you like these but be more importantly like I really likedenim on shoes I think it works really really well I've got these I've got I'vegot the medic on from last year I was a different type of denim I think it needsto be blue denim but my friend one of my most favorite shoes in all of all theshoes that I've got is the Reese Forbes dunk high which they released in 2017they just look absolutely the nuts on feet they really do there's so so goodso let me know are you a fan of denim on you on your shoes on your sneakers ifyou've made it this far in the video and you're not subscribe why not subscribeit's just about there that would really really help us and for all our loyalpeople who have subscribed already and are vaguely thinking you know what Iknow the upload up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I know for certain thatthat point of stuff streaming on Sundays but still YouTube isn't telling me whenthey upload videos and I'm kind of busy and stuff and I need YouTube to tell methe notification belt I swear it really does work I'm like whenever people areuploading I'm like push I'm straight in there particularly so am i the gamingchannels that I follow but anyway we'll see you in the next video everyone sountil then see ya.