hello everyone and welcome back toanother video as you can tell by the title today I'm going to be comparingthe pockets in women's pants versus men's pants because ever since I got theiPhone 6 a few years ago I struggled to find pants with pockets that willactually fit my phone I don't think that clothes have a gender but I'm a prettysmall person and most things in the men's section are just way too big on meso I pretty much always shop in the woman section of stores but I think Ifound a pair of men's pants that might actually fit me so I'm hopefully gonnabe able to get to the bottom of this I ordered both of the pants from AmericanEagle to make this as fare as possible and I got them in the mail today so let's open these up I'm not really sure which ones which so I'm just gonna open this one first this is the first pair these are from the men's section and these are the n(e)xt levelskinny jeans in a size 26 by 28 now let's open the women's pants they look pretty much the same and these are the tom girl of jeans and a 00 regular all the reviews for these pants said that they ran really big and to goa few sizes down so that's what I did if you've ever worn women's pants you know thatsizing varies a lot by brand so hopefully these will actually fit me the main reason that I went with these pants was because the model on the site hadyour hand in the pocket a little bit soI have some hope there might actually be pockets in these and the last thing that I wanna check is the price and these were both the same price there were $37.

46 so I'm just gonna take these out of theplastic so that I can compare them and try them on wow these actually lookalmost exactly the same they're both pretty stretchy but the women's ones area little bit softer and the waist is pretty much the same size on both ofthese and the length is also pretty much exactly the same so I think these are actuallygonna be a really good comparison so I'm gonna put these on and adjust the camera so that you all can see what they look like so this is what they look like the materialis really nice and stretchy and comfortable and soft and I'm really gladthat I won a few sizes down these are honestly slightly baggy but other than that I don't really have any other complaints these are super comfortable but the real test is if my phone will actually fit in these so let me just get a bit closer and try these out I'm gonna give them some credit this is honestlybetter than I thought it would be but there's still about an inch of my phonethat's not in the pocket which really annoys me because when I sit down at thetop of the phone just like jams into my hip which is not very comfortable but these were honestly better than I thought so now I'm gonna try on themen's pant and see how they compare so these are the men's pants they'reactually a lot skinnier than I thought they would be which is a good thing forme and they're also really stretchy I think the women's pants had a slightlysofter material but these are pretty soft and comfortable as well so in terms ofcomfort and fit they were both pretty similar if anything the men's hands fitme a little bit better probably because the sizing of men's pants actually makes sense but not for the moment of truth I'mgonna test out the pockets so I'm just gonna get a little closer to the camera andtest this out wow my phone isn't sticking out at all and there's probably even almost an inch of extra room here so if you do have abigger smartphone these would probably work really well if I was sitting, this wouldn'tbe hitting my hip bone at all so I'm really impressed with the men's pants so that was my comparison of the pockets in women's pants in the pockets in men'spants so I'm definitely gonna be returning the women's pants and keeping the men'spants and I'm really happy that I have pants with pockets now but I know that not everyone out there is able to fit into men's pants I'm lucky enough to have a body type that can fit into either of these pants and I think it's really unfair for people who can only fit into women's pants it just doesn'tmake sense to me that there's this big of a difference between the pockets because people of all genders need to carry things and could really benefitfrom better pockets so if any clothing companies are watching this please put good pockets that can fit smartphones in all of your pants everybody should havethe option of carrying things in their pockets because sometimes it's annoying to haveto carry around a purse or bag just to carry your phone and keys and otheressentials and to any of you buy pants which is probably most of you please tweet American Eagle or any other clothing company that you shop at withthe #PocketEquality and tell them that they should make good pockets for all people because if enough people say something about this issue something will probably be done about it I know that this isn't the biggest issuein the world but I think it really shows how much gender inequality still exists today so I think that's everything that I wanted to say thank you all so much for watching let me know what you think about thisdown in the comments below and I'll see all of you very soon with a newvideo goodbye.