painting my denim jacket because i'm stressed

hey I'm actually really annoyed right now for the first time I tried to actually edit the video as soon as I took the video because usually we take a lot of videos and then there's like this backlog for about a month it cuz I'm super lazy but aside

from that I have so much work and I'm busy all the time I thought that if I just got hurt immediately and edited the video as soon as I took the video then I wouldn't have to look back on it like two months later without knowing what the

hell I was talking about and you know having to edit it while being like I don't remember what I was going for you know anyway I was trying to be responsible and I edited the videos as soon as I took it this morning and then I lost it

and then I spent like three hours after that turning get the videos back and to get it restored but I am just loved that good with technology and all that stuff so I couldn't get it back and so now I decided to just retake the video again I

lost like ten minutes of footage and now I said you got this they definitely complaining so today what I wanted to do well it wasn't what I wanted to do but I'm actually like in the middle of exams week there's a terrible time but I was really bored

because that's what happens when you're having your exam I was super bored and I do understand you know there's that exam feeling where you actually feel like you need to study because you actually need to study and it like stressing you out enough that you're like okay I

gotta study for some reason that's not happening to me the spirits I've literally given up on everything but that's not the point I'm supposed to be spending but instead I decided to paint my jacket because that's pretty cute I like the look of my things abacus so I

decided I would do it too and I should have like recorded the entire thing like the process of doing the beginning and everything this was not a part of the lost footage I actually didn't film it because I didn't know how it's gonna make it into video but

yeah so I'll show you this check here's the jacket I don't know if that's clear but yeah so I'm not very good at planning but like this it was so cute and I forgot the fact that colors come downwards and so now it's just hidden which sucks Japanese

that I cannot read and there's this artwork which is there in this artwork who I don't know who the original artist days but credit to whoever that is and also I tried to distress the denim a bit which looks a little weird but it absolutely so whatever and

then I did there is completely random we did not plan it all I just started doodling and this is leftover paint on my brush from doing that I didn't want to wash the brush so that then I also added this little strawberry here because I'm strawberry also I

absolutely hate this color so much I was gonna remove this frilly part but I'm not that like confident in my skills in removing stuff like that yeah I just left it so yeah that's the stuff that I already did I take my lenses off now because I'm done

with the music in my parents water doing everything to move away from my place working overtime always set up in my grands project building coloring [Music] started to start it's bro code Bucci breathing room save photo cuz painting cartoons so I did not plan what to actually I

have this like big ass brush you know those like super thick ones but I have to do everything with these tiny ass brushes it's gonna take so long so I don't know if I'm gonna film the whole thing because I don't have that much memory in my phone

voices oh this is the biggest brush I have right now and it's really tiny and this is a really big area to cover so I have no idea what I'm gonna do most people when they paint fabrics and stuff you're supposed to mix if you're using acrylics you're

supposed to mix acrylic paint with fabric it's some kind of a fabric paint medium thing they're supposed to mix it together so that it gives is this like smoothness and finish that works well on fabrics and lets it last longer and like you can wash it multiple times

and doesn't get ruined that's the thing but I really don't give a about the longevity of this I just wanted to get ready for like one where but I'm not doing that I'm just using straight-up acrylic paints so this is a video on what not to do I

don't own a paint palette so I use this [Music] you kill the name [Music] [Music] I'm pretty happy with it like Oh also okay I have like five of these denim jackets because my sister gave me a lot of them for old ones and like I chose this

one because of the collar like I said they're actually an old loop there's a person thinking venoms I was like what if I just ruin it so that's why I tried out with this one first and the other reason I didn't like this jacket was because it has

no pockets and like every time don't worry anything in if it's just a teacher I immediately reach for pockets really like pockets and I did stress this part and so I automatically look for pockets and I'm just like yeah was that a good idea or a bad one

I can't tell but I really like this jacket one two thousand years later it's been a solid week since the last time that I did this okay um happen I got busy exams were eating my ass maybe that wasn't a great sentence um but yeah I'm gonna

finally continue painting because looking stress I'm a feeling like you want me and I got sent away you do [Music] Evelynn emulsions I need some space to think this through call me try to give you hints and a heart to see right on the little useless thing [Music]

[Applause] cuz the pain is in my [Music] okay I'm gonna try this bitch out is it still wet it absolutely is but you know what I'm going to try one anyway just tell me I did a good job yeah [Music]