Minimalist Men's Pants Collection (Only 6 Pairs)

What's up guys my name is Brock you'rewatching The Modest Man and today we're talking about the minimal pantscollection.

How many pairs of pants do you have now? Probably more than just six and so do I, you know, I probably have 20 pairs of pants but these six are reallythe essentials and these are the ones that I couldn't live without and if myhouse burned down I had to rebuild my wardrobe I would start with buying thesesix pairs of pants and I think that if you're a true minimalist and you really, you know, don't want to own anything extra I think you could actually getaway with only owning these six pairs of pants.

So I'm gonna run through them realquick and tell you, you know, where I got them and then what I wear them with andwe have two pairs of slacks or trousers, two pairs of chinos and two pairs ofjeans.

So let's start with the trousers.

Okay first up we have the charcoaltrousers or slacks.

These are like a medium weight wool dark gray almostcharcoal color.

These are from Peter Manning I believe they're called theEssex suit pants.

They sell a matching jacket but you can buy them separatelyand I wear these separately.

So these are just the perfect kind of business casualpants, you know, you can wear them with a button-up shirt, without a tie.

You couldwear them with a button-up shirt and a jacket over it or a sweater over it.

They're very versatile.

The color makes them really easy to pair with any shadeof blue, white, gray, black.

So I think that if you only own one pair of odd trousersand especially if you're working like a business casual environment the darkgray or charcoal medium weight wool trousers are a great choice.

Okay next upwe have just a lighter gray version of those now these happen to be in alighter weight wool so these are also a little bit better for warmerbut that kinda just depends on where you live.

These are made to measure and sincethey're lighter gray they're a little bit more casual than these charcoalslacks but they serve basically the same purpose, you know, it's business casual.

You could wear them with a button-up shirt, you can layer a sweater over theshirt, you throw on a jacket, you can throw on a jacket and a tie but they'rejust very, very versatile and given the color, you know, they're easy to pair withbasically anything else in your wardrobe.

So again just kind of like a staple andI think that having the dark gray and the light gray you're pretty muchcovered.

Obviously you can expand from there you can get navy or olive or brownor tan whatever but I think these two are essential.

Okay so that's our slacks.

Now let's talk about the chinos and I really, I really like chinos.

I thinkthey're just that perfect middle ground between casual and dressy and I think ifyou were to only own two pairs of chinos navy and khaki are great choices.

I actually think chinos are more versatile than jeans because you candress them up or down whereas jeans you can only dress them up so much.

In fact, if Ican only choose one pair of pants to own it would probably be the navy chinos.

Sothis particular pair is from a Banana Republic.

I really like Banana Republic chinos.

They have a variety of different cutsthese are the Ayden's which are not their slimmest fit but the time I boughtthese it was the slimmest cut.

Now they haveone called the fulton which is even slimmer and if you're like me, if you'resmaller guys, skinny legs even something like the J Crew 484 are like the Bonobos, Bonobos, Bonobos slim chinos are too baggy.

Check out Banana Republic because the fulton might be the perfect fit for you.

The other great thing about Banana Republic chinos is that they're prettymuch always on sale and they're always in stock in smaller size.

So you couldwear this to a business casual environment.

I wouldusually wear this probably with like a button-up shirt, tucked in, no jacket, notie.

You can definitely also throw on asweater, you can throw on a jacket or you could wear this with a casual button-upshirt like this one untucked.

You could wear it with a polo, you know, you canwear with a long sleeve polo, crewneck sweatshirt.

So it's just extremelyversatile and for that reason I think that the navy chino is probably the mostessential pair of pants that a guy can have.

Okay moving on we have the khakichino and I think the word khaki is kind of confusing because people say khaki, your khakis or khaki pants and they they're referring to this color slacks.

When I say khaki I just made the color so, you know, these are khaki color chinosthese once are from Ministry of Supply which has rebranded just to Ministrywhich is kind of weird if you ask me but they make great pants.

They're cotton butthey're like a they have a little bit of a synthetic fabric blended in.

I thinkit's like a proprietary tech fabric that they came up with and for that reasonthey have a little bit of four-way stretch.

They're super comfortable and so even though these are chinos you could wearthese like I've taken these hiking, I'll travel with them and they're just very, very comfortable and durable.

Regardless of where you get, you know, your chinos Ithink that khaki is a great color and a great complement to navy so, you know, Ihave some other chinos like I have dark green, olive kind of like a medium brownacorn-type color but if I could only choose two it would be khaki and navy.

Okay, let's move on to the jeans.

So first up, of course, we have the darkwash slim straight jeans.

These ones are from Mott & Bowand actually when that company first launched they sent me this pair and it'scalled their skinny jeans in 29 32.

This is not a skinny cut though on my opinionit's more like a slim straight a little bit of taper.

I had them hemmed becausethey're only available in 32 inch in seams which kind of sucksso I have them hemmed down to like 27 and a half and these are, these are great jeansand these are my go-to 's, you know, you know, this every guy needs a pair ofdark wash fitted jeans that don't have any distressing or any fading oranything like that.

You could go, you know, salvage raw denim and, you know, kindof break them in overtime and create your own fades, you know, that's thattakes some commitment um these were like pre-washed and they're, you know, verysoft, they're out of the box, they're very comfortable and they're just solid jeans.

So, you know, I like, I like what Mott & Bow is doing I wish they'd offered shorterin seams but I get most of my jeans hemmed anyway so, you know, it's not a bigdeal.

So if I could only pick one pair of jeans it would be something like this, you know, the dark wash inky indigo blue no distressing, no details, slim, great fit and then the second pair of jeans arethese guys and this is a lighter wash and these are from the Gap.

These are thestretch skinny size 29-30 and I had these hemmed too.

I used to just cuff themwhen I first got them but after a while I got tired of that so I just went aheadand got them hemmed.

These are really comfortable jeans because their stretchedskinnies.

They probably have about 2% spandex and so they have this four-waystretch so even though they're super slim they're very comfy.

This is one ofthose items where like I wasn't sure actually didn't have any white washedjeans I wasn't sure if I was going to like them if I was gonna wear them a lotso I didn't want to go to high end, you know, and buy some $200 designer pair oflight wash jeans because I wasn't sure if I was actually going to wear them.

SoI got this pair for like 40 bucks from Gap and turns out that I wear them a lotand I really like having a pair of light wash jeans in my wardrobe so when thesewear out which they definitely will because it's Gap, you know, it's not thehighest quality in the world I'll definitely replace them withsomething nicer and something kind of more premium and higher-end.

It's goingto actually last a long time but I think that, you know, having one pair of darkwash and one pair of light wash is a great strategy so once you have yourdark wash and your light wash you could also throw on a pair of like black denimand that's also pretty versatile but I would say first make sure that you haveyour dark wash and your light wash and then expand from there.

So there you haveit this is the minimalist pants collection.

Just six pairs of pants thatI think every guy should own and that you really could get away with onlyhaving these six pairs.

Alright as always if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below.

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Stay stylish!.