Jessica Simpson Stretch Denim Pixie Jacket

design I'm going to make everybody look good I promise jessica simpson made her debut on the list a few months ago we had so much fun everything in the show is sold out and we are delighted to have a couple goodies back as we talk about Southwest style

tonight I want you all to meet Lauren Harrison Lauren is a dear friend of Jessica and Jessica's mom Tina and the entire family you've been friends for over 30 years yes you work hand-in-hand with Jessica she helps her you know you go to all the fit help pick

fabric styles designs for this line so very much involved in the creation of this beautiful collection yes absolutely i'm in all the design meetings with jessica and her mom and we do everything from picking the fabrics to making sure that it all fits right and i'm so excited

to be here so nice to have you thank you so we have two fabulous pieces to talk about first of all the genes are flying out the door but we're going to get you the jacket first you look adorable on this little cropped jacket we have two choices

for you so you can do either the denim or the white denim so it's very easy the denim by the way we call Jefford or the white so those are the only choice you have to make 5990 free shipping and handling flexpay also available and let's talk about

that it's like the cutest little pixie jacket by the way there's fewer than three hundred of these left so I think this is going to sell out but a little crop piece like this is such a fun easy way just add that little touch of denim to your

to your wardrobe yes I think that this I the denim jacket is definitely a Jessica classic it's timeless you can wear it so many ways you can wear it with your jeans and or you can throw it over a little dress it's super versatile yeah it is so

versatile look at you can see it right now over the blue shirt you can throw it like you have it over a little lace top yes you can throw it over a little tank I love a little jacket like this I would wear this over maxi oh yeah

our little maxi dress and when I like the crop hits you at a really nice post bags hovers if you have any little muffins village which you don't but some of us do and it is nice because it covers that it kind of gives you a little nipped

waist totally you made sure that it hit at the perfect spot so that you feel like you're covered but it's still like shows you off exactly it's so easy and versatile it is there's lots of stretch in this piece by the way so it has a four percent

spandex 96 cotton its premium denim it is machine wash tumble dry extra small through 3x and you're going to throw this on over everything this makes me think of spring we are sick of our winter jackets were sick of a heavier pieces you still chilly out you need

to throw that third piece on this is the easiest way to start updating with for spring and summer absolutely and it's lightweight enough that you can still wear it like into spring and summer and get the coverage that you want but feel great I have I wear this

with a dress all the time I love it for spring for sure so cute over sundress anything you have that you want to add a sleeve too I mean it's a really fun way to transition or just add a sleeve to any from a sundress to a maxi

of course a tank cute / Wendy's today's special that denim pop it over today's special the way Annette did how fantastic that looks you can see on Britney the way she has it on over a t-shirt I mean this is so easy to wear these are almost gone

please do not hang up if you're ordering let you know in that one sells out completely there is only about 100 left we want to thank everybody for the calls and then also still to come it's Southwest style tonight