How to Wear A Men's Suit Jacket With Jeans – How To Pull Off Denim & Suit Jackets – Style Tips

How to Wear A Men's Suit Jacket With Jeans- How To Pull Off Denim & Suit Jackets – Style Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

And today, I'm going to be talking about wearinga suit jacket with jeans, how can a man do it, and things you need to look out for.

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Okay, so this is something that I've writtenabout, I've had people asking me about.

How do you wear a suit jacket with jeans? There are going to be people out there, especiallyon the forums and they're going to say, “Never wear a suit jacket with jeans, ” and theseare the same guys that you should never spend less than $500 on a pair of dress shoes andsome other things.

At the end of the day, we want to make betteruse of the clothing we have.

A lot of us find that we've got a suit, it'solder, we've torn the trousers, maybe we’ve lost the trousers, but in any case, we'vegot this jacket and we want to make use of it because gosh, we spent money on it andwe want to get the most out of our money and make use of that jacket.

There are three things which I think you needto pay attention to.


You need to look at the type of jacket.


You need to look at the type of jeans you'regoing to be wearing it with.


You need to look at the occasion that you'dbe wearing the jeans with the suit jacket.

I'm not talking about sports jackets and jeanshere, nor am I talking about blazers and jeans.

Those are separate subjects and those aretheir own animal because when you're talking about a suit jacket, you're talking abouta jacket that was actually made as a suit.

It wasn't made as an odd jacket.

It was made as a suit jacket to be worn witha pair of suit trousers.

At some point, we've lost the suit trousers.

Now, let me throw out the one point.

If this is your only suit and it's a goodsuit and again, it's your only suit, you do not want to be wearing that suit jacket orthose trousers separate.

You want to keep those together because ifthat's your only suit, you only have that because of special occasions, of weddings, of funerals, of times when you just need to have that suit.

And when you need that suit, because you don'twear it every day, you're not going to — there are all these other factors you're going tobe worried about.

You do not want to go to grab that and findthat, “Wow! I've worn this jacket 20 times.

I've worn the pair of trousers once, and wow, there's a different shade of color here, ” because when you wear something and you'reout in the sun for hours and hours, it can adjust the color.

If you send it off to the cleaners by itselfwithout the trousers, all of a sudden, you'll see a bit of fade and you're not going tosee it until you're out in the sunlight or you're under a light, which all of a sudden, wow, that doesn’t even look like a suit anymore.

So make sure if that's your only suit, youdo not try to wear it with jeans.

I'm talking about the case in which you'vegot a jacket and you're trying to make sense.

“Hey, can I use this?” Maybe you're in a thrift store and you findthis old suit jacket, but you think it could go good with jeans.

Okay, so let's get back to the three points.


The type of jacket First, try it on.

Does it fit you? If it doesn’t fit you and it can't be adjustedto fit you, don't go any farther.

You don't want to wear this.

The second part is the style.

Now, does this suit jacket look like it'sfrom the 1970s? Maybe that's your style.

Maybe you're in a creative field and you'retrying to pull this off.

You've got the huge lapels there or you'vegot a little bit of psychedelic color.

If that's your style, go for it.

You can go to the next point.

But if it's not and you're just breaking intothis, don't go past this.

Number three, let's look at the fabric, okay.

If it's a navy blue, well, one thing thatyou can do if it fits you and the style is good, change out those buttons and all ofa sudden, you've got a blazer.

That’s pretty cool.

And when you change out those buttons, whichyou can do yourself or pay a seamstress or tailor that'll cost you 15 to 20 bucks, yougo buy the buttons at Joann's or buy them online, in any case, all of a sudden thatdoesn’t look like a suit.

You've actually turned that into a blazerbecause that’s basically what a blazer is, is a jacket that’s got the whole Nauticaltheme.

I've got a blazer and I put mother of pearlbuttons on.

You can put a wide variety of buttons on there, but you want to upgrade from the plastic or just the very plain Jane looking buttons ona navy suit because otherwise, it's going to look like a navy suit that you're tryingto wear as a blazer, so go ahead and make the full transformation for it.

Now, if it's a dark grey suit or a grey suit, I find that's kind of in the iffy area.

I actually don't like grey jackets.

I think that you should keep your trousersgrey and then you can change everything else around the trousers, but that's a case bycase basis.

I say “no” on greys.

Black, you can pull that off in the evening.

That's more of like a night look and if you'vegot the right color hair.

If you've got black hair, you can pull offblack.

If you've got blonde hair with light skin, don't go black.

It's going to be too stark of a contrast, but black again is pretty iffy, but I'll lean “yes” on that.

Greys, iffy, but I'll lean “no” on that.

Light greys are the only exception and lightgreys can be worn as sports jackets.

I've seen that especially if you've wearingthem with a darker pair of jeans, I think it can look pretty good.

Tweeds, so if you find a tweed jacket thatwas once a part of a tweed suit, you're gold because tweed is one of the most popular sportsjackets fabrics.

Basically, at the end of the day, you wantthis suit jacket that you're going to try to wear as a sports jacket basically, youwant it to look like it didn’t necessarily belong with a suit.

It was an odd jacket, and when I say odd jacket, that means that it was made not necessarily to be with a matching pair of trousers.

So tweeds, herringbones, all of those thingsthat have a check pattern in them or a windowpane, that's great because it looks a bit eccentric.

I mean, it still got the form and the shapeof a good jacket, but the fabric is a little bit out there and that's exactly what youwant to look for in a sports jacket.


Jeans Let's look at that denim.

Let's look at those jeans.

If you're a young man and if you're in a rockband, then go ahead and go for the faded look with torn-up.

Go for it.

If you're not in a rock band or you're notsuper fashion advanced, you want to go for dark, well-fitted, slim jeans that are goingto look good.

I'm not talking skinny jeans.

I'm talking just jeans that fit your bodytype.

Obviously, if you're a big guy, you're notgoing to want to wear slim jeans.

The darker jeans, I really like them becauseusually when you're wearing a jacket, you're kind of upping the ante.

You're becoming a little bit dressier.

And the slim, dark, well-fitted jeans, theyjust look better with it in my opinion.

You can go with medium colored jeans.

Just don't go with the dad jeans that aren'tfitted very well.

I mean, I'm a dad myself, but I don't wearjeans that — well, probably a good example is to look at Joseph Biden, the Vice President.

Well, don't look at him in a pair of jeans.

It's not a pretty sight.


The occasion Is this an event which you can even pull offsomething like this because wearing a suit jacket with a pair of dark, high quality denimthat let's say cost you 200 bucks, that's still not a suit and it doesn’t equate toone.

And if they're asking for suits to be worn, you need to have a proper suit.

But if this is a casual affair or a businesscasual event in a town like, let's say, Austin, Texas or Madison, Wisconsin, you can probablypull it off.

You need to know where you're taking it though.

It's a little bit of an advanced style techniqueand something that I think a lot of men can pull off if they just look into it.

I think it always looks better than even aguy wearing a pear of khakis and a dress shirt and a tie.

I personally can rock a pair of denim withwestern boots, with one of my nice custom-made sports jackets.

That's the benefit of being a custom clothier.

I don't like to wear a tie very often andI feel that look suits me and suits where I come from.

At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable.

Practice wearing it.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Look at the shoulder pads, too, on the suit.

I'm jumping back to what type of jacket itis, but if the shoulder pads are too structured, it may not work well.

Try to go for something with natural shoulders.

Unless you have no shoulder build at all, then you'd want to go with a bit of a structured shoulder.

All right, so that is how you wear a suitjacket with jeans.

I'll see you in the next video.