How To Wear A Denim Jacket For Guys-5 Sherpa Denim Jacket Outfits

What's up, everybody george here from GP lifestyle its today's video guys I'll be showing you how to wear a denim jacket for guys.

This is a men's outfit tutorial I'll be using a Sherpa denim jacket for these outfits, but you can go ahead and wear a regular denim jacket It doesn't really matter too much.

I just like these better just look at it First.

Alrighty boys let's start it off with a black and white pair of hands because these are classic these are versatile and they match great with our Gray, and black checkered stripe trousers, which is a lightweight comfortable trouser and yet the versatility is still strong We're gonna then move up to the black turtleneck because they are comfy.

They're stylish.

They fit great and black gray Are you kidding me? Like come on it is Beautiful next we're gonna move on to the watch what brings us to today's video sponsor.

I'm just kidding We're not that fucking channel.

And then we're going to top it off with our Sherpa denim jacket now.

This is a great Simple outfit it's warm everything matches and it's a bit unique in a sense the watch looks beautiful The gray is gonna match beautifully with anything in some minimal design so you can't go wrong like seriously You really can't go wrong And I just wanted to show you this because you can see you can wear even without the denim jacket You have a great simple casual outfit now stepping out to alpha number 2 I'm looking in the mirror, like woah, and then I'm gonna move on to the white hoodie because you know the white hoodie I will going oversized now because it does look a lot better somebody in the comments did point that out and I appreciate it We're gonna go with our navy blue and red stripe Joggers and then the red and white vans because they're just as good as the black and white ones But this for me is a great casual sneaker I know my sneaker game is kind of weak But I think vans are a great entry point.

If you're trying to get into sneakers, especially at the red and white ones Now moving on now this again.

It's a great simple casual outfit that you could wear by itself depending on the day But we want the denim jacket.

That's what you're here for and there you have it This is the second outfit with the denim jacket everything here matches, beautifully What can I really say but the white the red and white the stripe with the vans the Sherpa? Oh my god, like this is casual.

This is comfy.

This is warm and if you don't want to step up your style throwing a fanny pack with And now for moving on a third outfit or again, we're gonna start the red and white vans I'm gonna throw on a mild distressed jeans and I'm gonna come off if it's a bit of a hypocrite in this Outfit because I will be going denim on denim.

I know a lot of people say don't do it, but fuck it i'ma give it a shot and also keep the white hoodie because this one is casual as you can see, we're actually going to put a Black dad hat on not a black dad But a dad hat that is black with a little bit of a rose on it And I think this is actually a not a bad outfit.

I know people are gonna knock the denim on denim I personally have in the past, but I haven't tried it so I can't give you a Full opinion on I don't think it's too bad I would wear it like this, but the key is you have to have a pop of color and something black I think it'll work great And especially the little the little flower on the dad had just adds a nice touch to the entire outfit now for the third outfit fourth outfit I'm confused black and white vans again and Now we're gonna go with the tailored tapered pair of black denim jeans, as you can see at the bottom.

They come up nicely They're not swallowing my pants, which I personally recommend doing and you can see they are tapered They're not a skinny fit like I do wear skin disease from time to time But I think this one a little bit more of a relaxed fit Simple white crewneck.

This one was actually my from Banana Republic.

I should really like this t-shirt I don't know why and we're going to throw on a little bit of a minimal chain.

I don't know what that is It looks like a healing crystal, but I really don't know what it is And then again, I'm gonna throw on the denim jacket over now.

This is the simplest way you can wear a denim jacket This is the most basic fundamental Outfit you can have with a denim jacket and it's just straight and simple and to the point and look everything matches It's simple its basic is casual.

If you don't know what to wear wear this outfit.

It's literally the simplest outfit you can wear I don't know why I didn't shoulder roll Next outfit black Chelsea boots suede.

We're gonna cuff our black jeans so we can show off the amazing blue These are extremely pointy for some reason.

I don't know why but I've been wearing them and they're still staying nice and pointy Next thing we're going to do look at–look.

It looks great with the black jeans because We when you wear all black you're gonna have a sort of a monochromatic look because of the different shades of black the different Materials that it can have but it looks great.

Look at that t-shirt looks great And now we're gonna throw on our Sherpa jacket now This is literally we're going to flex as hard as we can with this outfit on and you'll see why Coming up right about now and we're gonna throw on a plain Jane Rolly I could have wore my bus down today, but I decided you know it I don't want to flex too hard for you guys.

But then again, so we're on a statement piece but on something bright something Attention-grabber we want to throw in a little bit of a chain.

Make sure to match your metals.

It's an important rule and Lastly we're going to throw on a pair of post Malone inspired sunglasses, and now we look like a rap producer or we look like this the owner of a porn studio which Is actually not a bad look to we're like, I don't know what I was thinking with this outfit I think he's just a fun outfit overall where you can just flex be yourself and go wild There's five different ways to wear a denim jacket now We do my best here to pick out some different and unique outfits that I don't think you guys have seen before So I don't want to hear any complaining in the comments Outfits are yellow basic.

I thought I put thing together in my sleep You guys enjoyed this video got any value other? Please consider subscribing to the channel because I'm doing my best post two videos a week to help you become the best version of yourself Do you guys so much for watching and I hope to see in the next video? peace.