it kind of push it up on the edges oh mygod if you guys are wondering how to put on a white hoodie after having a fullface of makeup shout out to my girlfriend Sydney Parker haha hi guys welcome back to my channelif you've never been here before welcome my name is Christine.

So today I'mshowing you guys a denim lookbook that I put together I have a couple differentstyles of denim I kind of styled it in different ways and there's more casualand then more dressed up outfit so anyways if you guys would like to seeand look that I put together first make sure you hit the subscribe button if youhaven't already and the little notification bell and let's go ahead andget into video.

This video is partially sponsored by Poshmarkif you guys don't know what Poshmark is it is an app that you can sell yourclothing online and I did already use Poshmarkand I sold clothing previously before they even reached out to me so I am abig fan of their app if you guys haven't downloaded it yet I will put a link downin the description box so you can just click on that and download the app toyour phone I'll show you the one that I have I have it on my main page of myphone because I use it all the time and it just looks like this so when you openup the app its gonna load so this is my home feed so this is all the people thatI follow and then you can follow brands as well so I follow like tony bianco aritzy a' and a couple other girls so you can see their listings pop up and youcan choose to like it or you can comment on it and ask some questions or share itto your own time line so it is kind of like a social media platform almost andyou can see lots of cute clothes and there's a search feature say if I wantedto search like denim jacket and my profiles over here so these are itemsthat I currently sell on my closet I have a ritzy a leggings on theirLululemon some Nordstrom goodies so if you guys have been interested in seeinglike my closet and you want to shop some of the stuff that I put up for sale Iwould highly recommend checking out Poshmark my username is at Christineleave for ease it's the same as all of my social media it's such an easy way toreorganize your closet and also get money for things that you already haveI'm planning to list these Lou lemon leggings that I have and these arethe wonder unders and the attack is still on them so these are brand new Ihaven't even worn them and I have tons of stuff on there that I'm going to listtoday so make sure you follow me on that if you haven't already anyways enoughabout Poshmark I know some of you guys are gonna ask but this Heidi is actuallymy boyfriend's Hedy and it's from the store called oak NYC but I actually didoutfit this hoodie in my lookbook put everything in the description box on themakeup and I'm wearing all the clothes so anyways enough about the chattinglet's go ahead and get into the look okay so these jeans that I'm wearing arefrom Levi's these are the 501 skinnies in the style can't touch this and I didget this in a size 27 but they did stretch out a full size so I wish Iwould have gotten a size 26 but I love the way that these students look I lovethe way that they fit and the little rip details are so fun I feel like it's areally great Jean for styling really casually and as well as dressing up so Ilove these jeans I love to wash them and I paired it with this cream hoodie fromoak NYC and like I said in the intro this is my boyfriend's hoodie you pickthis up from the store oak here in LA this hoodie is oversized so I did kindof scrunch it up just so that it has a more crop fit also I'm not wearing a braso excuse that but I love the color of it and is steal your boyfriend's hoodieseason so I paired this outfit with my Nike Air Force Ones and I don't know whyit took me so long to get these shoes but I literally wear them every singletime I'm wearing like non skinny jeans and I want a more casual outfit theseare just fit so great and I feel like they help elevate this outfit and makeit have a more street style look to it next I have this coat from Babbitt on Ipicked it up for Moretz yeah it's just a really great coat it's kind of a moreheather gray color but I love the slits on that just some nice thick materialand it's great for dressing up any outfit especially in the winter when itgets a little bit colder I love how long it is as well and I feel like layeringit over any type of outfit just makes it look a little bit more high-end and chicthen I have my white long-sleeved tee also from Moritz yeah this is from thebrand Wilfred free is a little bit longer so I do like to tuck it into myjeans and it is really form-fitting so it almost gives it a bodysuit type lookwhich I really love next I paired this outfit with these white booties that Ipicked up from public desire and I believe these are the salt booties andit's in the white faux leather material and I love these booties I never thoughtI would wear white booties but I actually wear these a lot more oftenthan I thought I would and it just really goes with a lot of outfit ithelps just to make the outfit look a little bit more sophisticated this isthe IMG a pixie tote that everyone and their mother has I love this coat and Ithink I paired with the booties it really helps to elevate the look andmake it look a little bit more dressier and it also helps elongate my legsespecially with this coat being so baggy and chunky and oversized I just want towear something that helps make my legs look a little bit longer just because ofcoke kind of chops off my legs and makes me look shorter so I love the way thatthis outfit pairs and especially with the wash of the denim I just feel likeall the colors really go along together and it's just a really great casual lookthat is a little bit more dressed up if you want to like take it out next I havethese jeans from inside denim and I actually picked them up from a boutiquehere in LA I just love the way that these fit they're super high waisted andthey just fit my body so well I feel like they're really flattering on me butI am wearing my Air Force Ones again with this outfit especially with thejeans being a little bit more of a bag ear fit I just like pairing chunkysneakers with jeans that are not as skinny so I really like the way that myAir Force Ones look with these and it just gives her a really treat style typeflag which I really like and then paired with the jeans and sneakers I have thisbodysuit that I picked up from fashion Nova and I am wearing a strapless braunderneath just because the thickness of the bodysuit it's not super thick so youdon't want to risk my nips being seen so you can kind of see that line on mystrapless bra but I love this bodysuit I wear all the time I love that it's astraight neck across feel like it's really flattering especially on a smallchested gals just with some layered gold jewelry just makewe look expensive you know next I have this coat from Uniqlo and is a bomberthat I picked up a while ago and I got it in the size extra small but I do wishI got it in like a small or medium but this bomber fits me really nicely itdoes have an inner lining so it's super comfortable and warm I just really likethe crop fit of this jacket also in waterproof every time I go out and it israining I do like to reach for this a lot especially with my chunkier shoesand my baggy pants I just like pairing badger bottoms I just like to pair itwith tighter crop tops so I like how this pairs with the outfit especiallywith the bodysuit so excuse the lighting it is a little bit washed out I'mfilling in my garage and the lighting is not the best next we have a little bitmore of a dressier outfit and I have this blouse from Orencia and it's fromthe brand Babbitt on I love the little mesh detailing on it because just makesit look more of a fancier tank and I like wearing this if I'm going out or ifI know I'm going out to dinner brandon loves his top on me is a little bit longso I do have it tucked into my jeans and I paired this look with these bootiesthat I got from public desire and these are the salt booties if you guys followme on Instagram I wear these booties all the time I just love the shape of thesebooties and the big chunky heels just make these so comfortable I also lovethe pointy toe to them too these are super comfortable and I wear them allthe time I love that it's more of a sock bootie and it comes so high up so Ididn't even tuck in these jeans I kind of desert these booties up over top Iwore that same sweater slash coat again from a ritzy ax I just like the lengthof it and how it looks together with this whole outfit and again you can kindof see my jeans are just ruching around the booties gives you a really laid-backcool girl look like you didn't put too much thought or time into your outfitbut again you also look really put together and cool I'm just in love withthis outfit I love the way that this long coat again takes it to the nextlevel and I say that all the time but I just love how all the proportions workout just makes me look super tall and expensive next we have a more office whereappropriate outfit and I have this button-up from Uniqlo that I wore in myoffice wear essentials video and I love this blouse is a little bit sheer so Iwould wear like a beige or skintone bra underneath you can kind of see my blackstrapless underneath but I do have it tucked in just because I want a morecropped fit I paired this look with these jeans that I have from AG denimand these are their skinny jeans I forget what they're called but I'll linkit down in the description box but I'm just in love with the way that these fitI feel like they're so flattering on me scent my waist perfectly and I love thecrop fit and I love how there's a detailing on the edges of the denim Ipaired these jeans with these shoes from me too and I was sent these shoes I amin love with them and I just love the color and I love that it's slightly moreof a pointy toe flat these loafers just look really expensive in high-endthey're super comfortable and inside there is like a plush lining that makesthem super comfortable so I can wear this all day in the office walkingaround and going to appointments and they're just the most comfortable shoeand perfect for the office I love the nude color and yeah I just love howthese shoes kind of tie in the look and make it look more office casual and thenover top I have that same coat from Orencia if you have any type of longcoat it'll work if you guys watch my office wear essentials I have my threepiece rule I feel like it's so essential to making an outfit look next-level andmore sophisticated so I just like throwing any type of long coat over topof the denim and button up especially if it's like a Friday and you're allowed towear denim I just love the way that this looks finally we're gonna keep this button upon but I'm going to untuck it and then I have my sweater that I wore in my winterfall lookbook from a ritzy ax this is from the brand community I believe Ijust kind of rolled up the edges so it gives it kind of a cropped layered lookand you can see the blouse peeking out which i think is super cute and I justlove all the colors and how they tie in and yeah it just makes it look reallysophisticated and really great also if you wanted to wear this to the officeit's more of a casual then I paired this look with these booties that I got fromThursday boot Co and it wasn't these booties but I am in love with them Ifeel like these are the most high-quality booties that I own and theyare expensive but you are really paying for what you get these are notoverpriced like a lot of designer booties are but they do remind me oflike the rag-and-bone booties and it's just a really high-quality suede I didget them the size six and a half but I would actually size up because I fitreally tight but it's just a really flattering bootie I love how the anklecomes up a little bit higher and it just really helps to elongate my legs thisalpha is really flattering on my body type with the Box peeking out underneathit just makes it look so sophisticated and I love the brown tones mixed withthe white and the denim and here in LA it's not super cold but if you live inan area that it's a little bit colder you can throw a long coat over top andI'm just showing you guys my same orbit ciick oh I've been wearing just love theway that a long coat looks over top I just am in love with this coat again andI'm wearing it throughout this whole lookbook because it goes with everythingand I just love this look it actually is super comfortable as well especiallywith all the sweaters on top is just super warm and you don't look too frumpyI love how the jeans and the blouse underneath kind of refine the look andwith the booties as well it just makes a really nice casual look that you canwear to the office or wear out during the day so anyways that is it we've cometo the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed this look book if you did firstmake sure you thumbs up this video and let me know down in the comments whatyou'd like to see next if you want to see more look books from me if you wantto see me style whatever five different ways something along that theme let meknow down the comment and I'll leave a linkdescription box to download the app if you guys don't already have it and yeahit's just such a great site and again I use the app all the time I've sold tonsof clothing on it and it's just a great way to get rid of some of the clothingthat you don't already wear and get a little bit on money for it yeah I hopeyou guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys.