Hey guys, welcome back to the Arccway, myname is Mr Lou, and today we're reviewing and other denim jacket and then some.

This video has something special for you guys.

It's a old bloke denim jacket, and I'm trulyexcited to share this with you guys.

They know it.

I hope you guys have it for fashion, the wholework, your whole style or litigation or keep you getting to the next level.

So what I have for you is actually.

Similar to the quarter or when I have in myother videos, but this is actually all black.

So I got this from H.



this is something, I was actually tryingnot to find it for a while now, and that's actually very, very hard to find.

I was looking at Levi's, I was just goingthrough, I was going for every store in the mall pretty much at that point, and that wasreally hard, ugly Levi offered, I know offset, maybe times change.

I'll put something in more in demand of themarket.

So first of all, I have a strip of all blackJackie here.

As two parts on both sides of the breast downbelow, you have two pockets on the sides and internally it has no pockets.

It just has fur within it.

The interior on it sleeves is actually a lotmore puffier than usual.

The quarter.

Roy at the time was actually a lot more loosearound the arms, but this actually has a little more weight in it, so this is pretty nice.

The detail of the jacket is actually prettysimple.

Over time, you can add your own style to it, add your own flair patches on, on the back of the, it's just as clean as the front toadjust the balls on the left and the right side.

So if one taper that look.

It is more expensive than the quarternaryone I actually read in my other videos.

This is actually going for $79 at the sametime.

It is an investment piece.

This something that you were wearing a fallin the early spring.

It's a staple.

It's an essential piece.

That's why I actually have this.

I love it.

Essentially, it's still at the same time.

It's something I recommend you guys all tohave to rewards through, so it just adds a little more versatility.

But at the same time, I had a little moredistinction to the wardrobe and the character.

First of all, this jacket was great.

This jacket is fire.

The jacket is actually amazing.




This is, jeez Roosevelt and his jacket isnice.

I know.

It looks great.

This jacket.


This actually is one of those jackets whereI'm looks like first and foremost, a moment of silence because this jacket is amazing.

This is actually something I would actuallybless my clients in the can because this adds distinction.

This adds uniqueness and there's somethingout.


Go for and a look.

So first of all, his jacket is nice.

It looks good, but let's talk about the comfortof it.

This actually feels like more of like a thick, he's Brickman jacket.

You guys wore those jackets before.

They're very puffy around the arms, and thisis what this feels like.

It's warm first and foremost, and it has agood weight to it.

It feels like you have something on it feelslike you are in, in like, it feels like you're centered.


His jacket on, cause it has this weight toit.

I can't describe it, but when you guys purchasedthis item, it has this weight to it and it's actually a great field from the phone guysas to what this jacket looks like.

It's very snug around the arms, ready, snugaround the body.

Just like I mentioned before.

So this way here guys is a medium.

I won't recommend you guys born for anythingsmaller cause it will be tight.

And if you do wash this, there's a chanceof this shrinking tremendously.

For me, when I tried this on, on the storyI was battling in between the medium and the large, it's been, for me, the medium fit justright by the large, just kind of felt too baggy loose.

So I wonder if the medium is that there'snowhere you'd be putting a petty underneath this jacket.

Cause you'd just be too tight to where.

Well, first and foremost, guys, thank youso much for checking out this video.

You guys love this content.

You got to love this review of this denimjacket.

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