Heidi Daus "Denim and Deco" Beaded Draped Necklace

days so we are really having a great time with the last hour of Heidi's big anniversary celebration so we're going to move now to a beautiful necklace first time back since selling out last year November this is anniversary priced at $30 off now this is where we get a little crazy okay the necklace is 139 it's on flexpay for $27.

99 it is absolutely beautiful I'm going to show you the colors really quickly it's a four strand so you have four gorgeous strands of beads they're faceted beads so we have this is let me move those earrings for a second this is Navy we call it blue but it's like Navy hematite right because you can see how beautiful the Navy is in this so it's like a sparkly Navy hematite then we have right beside that we have black then we have this gold which is to die for the necklace is 23 and a half inches with a three and a half inch extender so that means it will go all the way down to 27 inches the drop is 10 and a half inches but wait wait wait wait you've got to see this you have to see the earrings because I hope you get the necklace but the earrings we could never offer an earring like this for $49 this earring was 129 we're doing it for 49 it's on flex pay for under $10 here's your black I'm sure here's your black here's your navy do we have the gold ones yeah I think we oh you got the gold once you have the gold ones ah we sold out of the gold ones here we what not no those are the clear we you know what I guess the gold the the clear ones are the clear yo back okay so if you want clear then we have clear as what you order gold if you want the clear that's a $49 earring that Sue's wear what not I mean it's a $129 earring but it's 49 today boy that is a beautiful thing that's a wonderful wonderful of course symbol of long life in and of course in you know that Xinhua Zuri Art Deco beautiful beautiful look and that the style of the necklace is really quite fabulous you can see here that we have four strands of what look like the most expensive crystals in the world and in that golden it really has that aurora borealis finish to it that is extraordinary and then of course paired back with the crystal then of course take a little peek at the cuff because it really all will go together the earring will go with everything under the Sun then we have that navy blue hematite beautiful look at the color here I mean this is really extraordinary with the the wonderfully that pave of the wonderful light sapphire and of course what looks like the most expensive Montana blue sapphire in the world and those crystals look at how they sparkle oh when you wear a necklace like this it is such a dramatic yes you know entrance game-changer is it is now I don't know if the jet is showing up on my my little black but not as much I'm gonna put this you've got a seat now sue is wearing gold but I want I want you to be able it's funny because Sue's wearing gold and hers would probably look better with the black or the name because she's got on light agree you'll just show you will just show you what this looks like because this is a dramatic it is it is it you know and for that I mean for such a gigantic you know a statement sort of necklace this is such a wonderful wonderful price and really only here and mean is neck fabulous guys I mean that is really look at that it's not as in that knockout no oh my gosh and the earrings are flying here's a quick update if you want the earrings we only have 300 left again they're all solid clear we call gold then we have the black which has the black down the middle very Art Deco right that's the most limited and then we've the blue that earring was 129 it's now 49 okay girls it is time to get busy our black belts are coming out schon of had it Howard yeah because this is one of those collections you know I will not be back until November miss Connie so these are pieces that really you know you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna wit you know if you know there's those times of course in the fall is that fact I mean really I this is that wonderful thing that I wear all the time and I've literally worn it for ten years but look at how stunning this becomes I need that color the gold color oh I see that but then I love the Navy and I love the money I want the Navy to look at this Navy the Navy the Navy is kind of like our new black isn't it okay for holiday listen we all have a little black sheath dress we all have a little black sweater we all have you know I mean honestly you've even a black t-shirt with a great pair of black leather pants and boots if you put this on you don't have to be dressed up there is your dress out that is what I have absolutely that's what you're looking at right now on me I have my very comfortable you know – you know tights on these little pants on my little boots and this very comfortable shawl that I wear in the jewelry says it it makes it makes it it makes it so if you are a gal that loves you know to really you know make your jewelry a statement and you would love you love the unusual this is your necklace in your pair of earrings because this is that special the earrings I got to say final call on the earrings I want to show you these really quickly this earring from 129 is now 49 here's your black in the black Adam I'm sorry fewer than 100 fewer than 100 and the black and then here's the Navy now the Navy is back with a lighter sapphire blue and the Navy in the center and then for the gold it is all completely clear and tell me this is an airing of a lifetime I mean you've so we're less like crazy yeah see you know what I'm thinking – if you loved you know the real lariat from earlier that jet necklace that you were wearing earlier berry this jet necklace $99 is exquisite – it sure is so that's your earring but the earrings if you don't grab them now they will be gone we're going to talk about the necklace one more time the necklace let me give you the measurement for the necklace because it's 23 and a half with a three and a half inch extender so it will go down to 27 inches in the length when you're say 27 it's really you know to that wonderful shinhwa's re piece because it really stretches down to your waist it just is this is a you know a very generous necklace with these the way that it is engineered now I'm gonna stand up and show you the hematite I'm coming up okay here we go so so you can see here that you were saying 27 to here but you see that this necklace comes down an inch drop yeah that is you know that is really something else and of course 4 millimeter I mean six millimeters stones and all faceted in there in this case it's that beautiful beautiful what we're calling navy blue hematite and the pave work that goes across the wonderful what looks like almost like a tie pin and that which has all those baguettes isn't that really quite exquisite so you know if you're a gal that loves you know that wonderful navy blue or of course Gray's this is it and man I just see that navy blue go there right because I want to show the girls goodness gracious the cuff is coming up in the calf which in one time last hour and it's already popular I mean that that cuff we sold for 159 we're doing it for 69 today look at this together I mean and then you'd put that have the earring on yeah that is stunning okay we're going to move straight to the bangle we're gonna leave the necklace for the earring available for you although the earring is almost gone we've got to talk about this sensational bangle this one sold out first time on the.