G by Giuliana Luxe Denim Boyfriend Jean

or in this already a five-star review at hsn.

comm what is the skirt stop it I know okay cannot even begin to tell you how I absolutely how obsessed I am with these jeans yes as a matter of fact when I was with Giuliana when we launched these the boyfriend the girlfriend and the skinnies member i bought them with my phone while we were on the air yeah I remember to guarantee remember that this boyfriend Jean is coming up when we return huge customer pick 404 reviews 262 of those perfect five star reviews well we want to hear from you get set free shipping and handling four flags five on your HSN card all the great opportunities we have for this show and the show only tonight stay tuned spring is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine create a backyard living room that's comfortable and stylish it's never been easier to upgrade your home's curb appeal with new arrivals and lawn equipment and gardening essentials warm breezes and longer days means it's always five o'clock somewhere it's time to kick back and relax with our Margaritaville collection with resort inspired fashions that work from day-to-night style has never been so comfy check out the home collection that brings the soothing Island colors right to you enjoy the sunny days with good friends we have everything you need to keep the party going in paradise free shipping on all Margaritaville all month long it's called the great outdoors for a reason so grab your flip-flops and start living the island lifestyle today start shopping now search home at hsn.

com I found it Peru China Morocco amethyst mind in the middle of nowhere every day is a new adventure we go right to the mines you can actually show people okay this is how it all starts and every rough material yet is like opening your Christmas present you're able to sculpt it make it into something that's really unique very special very limited and I think that that's what people love they know the history of it fabulous time today we're talking about I bought yes my husband Bill hi Bill I'd been Keith Urban guitar mm-hmm for Christmas right and so Darrell or producer was like has he been playing it you know he taken lessons as even watch a dvds and we've been so busy traveling so I said no he walks but he does walk around hard he just walks around the house side it's like going through hundreds of it but he doesn't play it's just like broom you know like one little I'm like honey that's the first step it's the first you're going to start somewhere yes yeah I love it all right well we want to hear from you if you were one of the lucky people and thousands and thousands have been sold of our incredible boyfriend jeans which I will tell you to fit the comfort the modern look the perfect rise they rock 404 reviews at hsn.

com 262 of them are perfect five star reviews okay let me just share with you 5990 which is an amazing price could be talking about premium denim which we'll talk more about you're looking at a hundred dollar retail value on the scene I don't think we have ever had them with free shipping free shipping and handling on any credit card debit card paypal they are only fourteen ninety eight on the HSN card eleven dollars and 98 cents so we would love to hear from you if you're bought maybe you have them already like I'm just like we do and you're buying your second pair or you just want to share your testimonial on fit will go through the colors and then we'll tell you all about them sizing 0 to 24 that's the perfect fit in every size okay so here we'll show you the colors here's the charcoal it's a beautiful shade of charcoal that gorgeous I know it's very popular charcoal just so you guys know and here we have it in the dark which I own and then we have it available in the medium so you can see the dark and the medium side by side and then we have two lighter washes so we have this is light and this is vintage light which basically I don't know about you they look very similar I can't tell the difference but maybe they look any they're both so you know but there was like let's leave it at that okay so if you so again like I swear so charcoal basically well there it is you can see up on your screen and we do not have the ivory so we have the vintage light the medium the dark the light and the charcoal the colors so these these jeans I know this is why yeah that's go for life okay let's go okay so let me just talk to you about these jeans for a second they're so good it hurts okay you're literally halfway through our inventory we haven't even talked that much about them but last name which i'm at my denim Karen from New Mexico called in last night gentlemen six she has six of my jeans she's a she fastened with the boyfriend Jean she says honey I'm not a young little cookie like you you're an older woman I've never tried a boyfriend Jean of my life right finally tried a because I wanted to try loves love's love's the boyfriend Jean got them in other colors you know this it is the most original whether you're already obsessed with boyfriend jeans and you love the silhouette or whether you've been dying to try it but don't quite know which one to get I am Telling You this is the one what's really nice about this boyfriend Jean to is often times there's absolutely no stretch in the boyfriend jeans that other people make so what happens is you get the baggy behind by the end of the day it kind of just like falls apart there's nothing to really let it bounce back so it's nice we put a little bit of stretch in there just for you and also it's not crazy distressed you know so many women's I like I don't want to have all those you know crazy coyote Hills regions I might you know granddaughter looks really cute her to look good on me or my my daughter what's nice is it's just enough distressing to make it very authentic except to the style to this boyfriend jean style so on trend and so adorable i mean the questions can be just which wash to get why exactly I know maybe the light maybe the vintage light maybe the dark the medium or the charcoal I have to tell you can't go wrong with anyone and with over and we'll show you the counter 1200 have flown out of you today and by the way I should also share the free shipping and handling the 4 flex five on the HSN card that all goes away tonight this is our last show with Giuliana here to me if you have them already like I have them in the medium and I have them in the dark here's your chance to call back and buy another pair I promise you you have never felt anything better on your body they are so soft I mean they are incredibly soft and you know one thing I noticed you because I worn mine I've laundered them a lot of times you'll Aundre gene and it's never the same as it was in the beginning they've actually become softer they don't stretch out it's not like you know when you launder them then you can't get in them the next time the fit yep the fit is extraordinary and they're just a little bit more modern I think you're absolutely right there a little bit more modern and i want to show you too how cool these are so these didn't just kind of you know they're not all exactly the same so for instance i just want you to look over here no distressing on this pocket but oh my gosh look over here it is distressed so they're very unique all of them each and every one is very unique and they're just so adorable i just love that there's just you know different little elements to each one you know what i love about them too but when you look at them it's not just the gene you're gonna throw on you know when you're like laying around you can this is a gene that you absolutely you can rock with a pump or you can wear it with a sneaker you can wear it with a sandal so literally it will work with anything but when you put them on a booty and a booty exactly even a booty the way I wish I could hand them to you and I wish you could feel them because they feel they have the most amazing feel to them and the fact again all machine washable zero through 24 perfect fit I mean I'm 0 they fit me perfectly so if you are thinking about that if you've never tried Giuliana's jeans before you need to do it there are hundreds and hundreds of reviews at hsn.

com this one in particular is a monster customer pick and when you're getting reviews you hear the same thing you know comfortsoft no break-in period absolutely this one by the way has over 400 customer reviews I think we're close to 500 by now so definitely go online look at hsn.

comm read those reviews I mean review after review after review how much they absolutely love this gene she loves this chain she gets a pair at home and then orders different washes that's why we have to keep coming out with something like the charcoal you know and we come at which came out recently with the white one to which i think we already sold out about everyone so many but you know that's why we have to come out with different watches because they sell out so quickly and already the phones are so busy we're so busy with this gene and please get it while you can get it while we've got the wash that you want but also the size that you want and Bobby's absolutely right true to size you were actually telling me because you have to alter a lot of your stuff teeny tiny things thank you were saying you're saying that's actually the boyfriend I don't even touch them with my conscience they fit me perfectly so they're quit because that's the thing about the boyfriend Jean that's so nice whether you're you know teeny tiny you're tall short whatever it is what's nice about this is it's not like you're going to get them home and go oh no they're too short on my ankle or too long you can adjust that right I was going to say you can wear them like a regular Jean unless a lot of women have asked me to you about that if they're like if they're caught no they're finished know so you can roll them up if you want or not so that I'm glad that that question came up because I thought you know what we didn't really think to mention that you can wear the by the way yeah and they do come pre rolled yeah the way we suggest them to be but absolutely depending on what your height is feel free to experiment have some fun with them you know even in the summer it's a little warmer a little more casual maybe you're going on a boat rolled them up maybe one extra time or something fun to in the fall maybe roll it down one time and put it on with a little booty super super cute and which awesome about these as you can see we've styled them really specifically for spring and summer but boy can these easily transition oh easily write like a lot of women like I am NOT there's no amount of money is going to put me in a short short I'm not even fun of them in general so you know cuz then a lot of women hate short so you're wise you can get that little bit cooler yeah alternative to them and by the way I know right around the corner you'll see that plot that's coming up on your screen I think we have only about five or six minutes remaining these that you know if you're watching you know this hour in the next hour of these are our final two hours of Giuliana you don't know where to start definitely start with the gene and if you have them again I know we can pop up the talk line we'd love to hear what you think about them you know jeans jeans are difficult to buy to find to fit here you're getting a gene first of all a little bit more modern in its styling yet so slimming when you put them on they immediately contour to your body they feel fabulous I can't talk about the softness enough and you definitely have the two percent spandex so you have the stretch you throw in a washer and every time I've laundered them which I've done many times they keep the fit and they feel I think even better they feel even soft and they did before so there and we'll go through the color choices again so basically it's light two different lights with the lights you know what let me tell you what the lights are the same whether you're going to light or vintage light oh yeah we look at the picture okay I don't see any difference general maybe you do a picture here we go I think you can see it may be in the picture yeah yeah yeah yeahs light is brighter than a vintage light okay okay it's definitely brighter than the vintage light the charcoal I know is very popular yes very very limited now oh gosh this is a tough decision like knowing sold out of the ivory I know we're getting along a lot of colors right now a lot of sizes and the phones are really busy so really it's up to you I gotta be honest gonna just take it anywhere you see what you have in your closet where you're feeling right now I mean obviously for spring/summer I loved one of the light I said I was gonna which ones do you wear the most well I think cuz I'm we're coming off of cold weather again the darker ones more where the truck charcoal yeah now I'm excited to just go into light girl I light I had to buy the light today and you know if you're thinking about it clearly when you can have I'll ship it to you for free yes so it's the free shipping and handling the 4 flex and the five flex in every single item in this hour and in the next which means all the genes the skinnies are coming up we have the flare we even have the flare Jean so we have them all available we want you to try them yeah so consider this right this is a welcome to the wonderful world of Giuliana & try there we go love that and you know we have about under three minutes left to talk about these jeans and look that number fourteen hundred and fifty so these are so so popular sizes are going to start running out the washes are going to start running out ladies the reason the phones are lighting up right now is not only are these so adorable you know and you want a boyfriend Jean and this is the way to get a boyfriend Jean but you are getting premium denim which comes down to premium denim what sets it apart from other denim is the fit the fiber the wash the texture it's just more elevated it's fancier it's funny I was talking I've talked about this a couple times since last night but it's important to point out in case you you know you're just tuning in if you look up premium denim and what's special about it it's funny they often described it as an investment piece so it's an investment denim because oftentimes premium denim is over two hundred dollars right 150-170 200 clicks the average for the mountain retail market not believe how expensive denim is right now but would so great because we do big volume were able to bring you the exact egg Zack same as deadly it's a sack same high quality investment denim for an investment you're not going to lose on okay because you're going into it at 5990 now if you were going into it at two hundred dollars hundred twenty eight dollars you get a little nervous a lot of nervous where you go I'm not doing that you know let's be honest but 5990 that you are going to be blown away that is why we have almost 500 amazing reviews on these since we launched and I didn't that's kinda long ago here on HSN that was because women are there juicers flipping out over the street and you're so right about the Giuliana because you could buy easily two pair for what you would pay for the retail value of one in the retail market and here's the other thing about the premium denim that I've seen a lot of they had this little bitty rise good rider Rises solo with these have a very modern rising I want you to know they're the most modern of all the Rises that we have in the denim world and I think you can see that from looking at the girls that they look they make your body look fabulous and I share with you with what almost over 1500 gone that when you can buy them today get them home and try them on in the privacy of your home because you have a full 30 days even you know with everything that you buy that is one of the best things you know I know so many women watching agree with us when we say one of us it was at HS and get it home try these on in the comfort of your own home in your good lighting the lighting that doesn't lie to you like maybe a department store dressing room does in the mirror that is very nice fun in europe and on the money here yeah so many times you go to the department store first of all have fun finding someone to open the door for you to get into the dressing room you know I'm fine the key and then you know they're knocking on the door okay a different size don't deal with that it's free shipping and handling exactly he's home maybe get a few of them home because what's gonna happen is this happens all the time ready this is a scenario that happens all the time you get this one home the medium home right you go oh my god oh my god this is the greatest you know my god i get so many compliments okay i want another one you go to hsn.

com and we're sold out in your size because and then we you know we try to reorder the boyfriend as quickly as we can because they're so popular but it takes some time to get them in and then maybe we don't come back with the wash you necessarily right so absolutely if you can because we have free shipping get a couple get a few and then return in the fetal with the ones you don't like or keep them all ABS whatever you decide cuz I tell you what you are going to find that you're wanting more and i completely understand particular with denim you want to get it home you have to try it on but we promise you we know how you're going to feel and to that point with the over 400 reviews 262 of them are perfect five star first of all we know genom i think is up there like with the bathing suit in terms of one of the most difficult if not more difficult so to get 262 perfect five star reviews on a jeans incredible that it I think is incredible yeah and you know the denim all my denim swords have been so incredibly popular but the boyfriend ya ali has been number one bestseller do you want to go to a charleston with that every time do it girl danza let's get some music on but what's nice about that and what I'm hearing is it's not just 20 year olds or 30 year olds or even 40 year olds just buying the boyfriend dream women of all ages are finally able to wear a boyfriend Oh at this price if you're going to know I just I don't know if I can take yes you can do it get at home try it.