G by Giuliana Downtown Denim Frayed Denim Jacket

ana Rancic and Giuliana as many of you know is a true fashionista in her own right we all watched her recently on the red carpet interviewing celebs looking ravishing she has a huge passion for fashion and the collection she brings us is exclusive to HSN and she has some absolutely adorable things unfortunately Giuliana was going to be with me today but she is under the weather so we wish her well Giuliana please feel better so she's under the weather so because of that I'm gonna go solo on this but we have some adorable things her jeans are here some darling t-shirts cutest sweater I just ordered this in the black and white cutest sweater fabulous t-shirts back in the model room all the girls going nuts for the t-shirt so be watching for that I have a gorgeous print blouse that's at this day only browse blouse from giuliana and then her iconic James but to start the fun is this adorable little jean jacket it is the cutest thing I love the way she's designed this it kind of nips your hip and that it kind of cuts out and then you tips your waist it is just absolutely fabulous there you can see it as all this shading detail so this is the one that we are calling I believe we call this the mid-tone this is the light wash and that we also have it in the adorable white this you pop over everything I mean from it dresses to tank tops long-sleeve short-sleeve doesn't matter it is just it's a piece it's just absolutely edgy and fun it has great little kind of stud detailing here at the shoulder it has a little bit of a fringe or frayed detail here down the front it's just all by design here to kind of give you a sculpted make your waist look smaller it's not a big old bulky jean jacket it has some stretch which I love so it's easy to get on I would say we're offering this in numeric sizes for me personally I'm wearing the 10 just to help you give reference and normally in a jacket I'm a medium which is an 8/10 at HSN so it's pretty well true to size unless you want a little extra room if you're gonna be layering underneath it you may want to go up the size is Giuliana on the phone oh goody Giuliana Rancic is on the phone with us miss you darling friend how are you doing I'm okay how are you doing I'm doing great your collection is adorable we're all obsessed with this jean jacket oh my gosh isn't it adorable looks fabulous on you by the way I love this it also has really nice stretch and has great track it really does well I heard you were under the weather you have been a little busy you in burning the candle at both ends these days a lot of work but also having a six year old yes look a few times floating around the school so yeah so I'm under the weather but I'm watching you better believe I'm good well just you take good care of yourself the collection is adorable I love the jean jacket i order this this sweater have you read your reviews on the sweater I have five stars every single review perfectly know so I'm always on there I was just also reading reviews on the printed duster card again coming up yeah and the jeans are back they're better than ever they got you know they're great because they're that 98% then um 2% spandex you know so it's like that really great authentic denim look and feel but also have some stretch I love it and then finally one more thing we're gonna talk about this is a this blouse is the cutest thing this gorgeous bird print they made this up this day only this feels like silk this is gorgeous yes you know what I love about it too is you put it on it it's just instant fashion it gives you a great pop of color and it's just so pretty so yeah I feel like all the pieces are definitely year-round pieces and you can wear them season after season year after year you're showing today I am – I am – well please get better I know we'll get to see you soon and thank you for taking a minute to call us you get tons of rest you deserve it I know you've been working hard thank you they will we do we'll talk to you soon that was so sweet of her to call us I know she clearly would be here she was not feeling great but the fashion must go on and this is one darling jacket White's gonna go first I love a little white jean jacket and this is one of the cutest styles and design it is just one of those pieces people will stop you and say where did you get that go read the reviews this is getting awesome reviews I believe it's already customer pick whoopsie almost everything in Giuliana's line becomes a customer pick women love love love these clothes so much but this is new and it's fresh and it's fun it's funny because it's already getting all these great reviews and this is the first time it's been presented on the air so a lot of women get in on hsn.

com and they treat themselves early white medium wash or light wash will be the choices for you I hope you're able to get yours there it is it's item six three nine four nine nine thank you so much okay now this little t-shirt backstage when we were getting ready for the show all the girls were buzzing.