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two three four five six seven welcome tothe channel webmaster meets fragrance my name is Kevin savage in today's video wetalked about slim fit versus regular G if you like this kind of video school goahead subscribe to my channel to ton a lot of occasions to get our future

videoand live game updates show you boys some love one of the biggest misconceptionsfor most men is about jeans skinny jeans slim fit regular jeans most guys have noidea what this even means except that there's no what they don't want to wearany skinny jeans gotcha Covered skinny jeans has

been popularized in thelast 10 years or so especially with the rise of hip hop in that skateboardculture but one the first thing that always comes up when I tell me into wearslim fit jeans is like man I'm not wearing those skinny jeans are youtrying to look this annette

understand something it confuses most guys thereare four distinct kinds of jeans boot-cut which you don't want regularslim fit and skinny kid is all about the room and defy and in the butt hole upespecially brothers out there but like we have bigger thighs bigger but I gotto get bootcut

or regular jeans no you don't understand something blue cut orregular fit tend to make you look bigger they tend to make you look bulky ifyou're short they tend to make you look shorter if your broader dude they tendto make you look broader they work against you but I

know as I'm talkingsome of you are still like yeah man but I can't walk skinny jeans I'm a big dudeyou don't want to rock skinny what you want to rock is slim fit understand somedo you want jeans that actually fit in the butt and then define and kind

oftaper as they go down to your ankle so that means no matter what kind of shoesyou're wearing whether these sneakers loafers or boots they give you a nicesilhouette they give you that nice masculine frame but I know we as menwe're visual and when I'm talking about ithelp you

with the picture let me show you what I mean when I talk about skinnyjean when we're talking about skinny jeans this is it notice that how tightthey are through the leg how tight they are through the button all the way downthey're just tight and then even more popular

today they tend to rise shorterin the crotch they're restrictive Jesus felt like that in my opinion are goingto be inappropriate for anybody that's outside of college-aged skinny jeans arethe jeans of tend to freak most men out there is an appropriate time place andage to wear those jeans and

it's college age or less that means if you're 13 tograduating senior in college you can actually rock and wear those when youtransition off the college campus and go into real life real world you want toput those up and transition him to slim fit what's the difference between skinnyjeans

and slim fit got you covered right now all right now let's look at how ourslim fit jeans should be now here's the thing I want you to notice differencesare huge between skinny and slim fit limp it still fits to the leg tapersdown into my pan makes it nice

narrow opening here so they go right into mynice double monk straps but they're not extremely tight there's no extra baggyor flyaway material just a much more fashion-forward modern sleek lookregular fit jeans when I fit your leg what you have on your thigh is what youhave on your lower

leg it just makes one continual piece ofmaterial when it gets down to your shoe it just looks like you have block on itlooks like you just have a block on top of your shoe and that's not a good lookfor anybody no matter what your size they're dozens of

brands of jeans outthere so what it really comes down to is a little bit trial and error what I likemore than anything else is I like the dark did know distressing no ripping notearing I prefer minimalist dark color stitching at the very most maybe a lightcolor Brown James

I tend to prefer these days are AG Joe rag-and-bone Hudson andof course my favorite right now is fidelity remember jeans like everythingelse it's all about the fit bit over fashion and it's all about the qualityinvest in some quality denim as you get your darkblue that's gonna be more

of your dressy jeans then you can actually gravitatemore to a mid wash after that then you decide after that then you go with blackand then go with a grey if you like this kind of video go ahead and give me a bigthumbs up and share it out today

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