Best Men’s Dress Pants | Feel And Look Great 2018

and if you wanna find hell with me I canshow you what gets our hero used to kick-ass trousers welcome to the channel where fashionmeets where you get to my name is Kevon Samuels and today's video guys we aregoing to talk about none other than trials of slacks pants

you know groanManship if you like these kind of videos cool go ahead subscribe to my channelturn another occasion cannot beat your video and livestream updatesshow your boys some love shout out to the CIA what's going on modern savagesguys today is a long awaited video in today's video I

am going to talk aboutsomething that every modern savage must put in his wardrobe to take it from heretoday look guys you know I am all about the three years Footwear frames andfragrance you know we talked about fit over fashion quality over quantity butone thing you rarely ever hear

talked about is guys actually putting on sometrousers it's usually jeans or suit nothing in between and I've heard yourplease a lot of you guys have said look dude I feel you on this fashion andstyle thing but I'm not always trying to get up in this suit shout out

to the CIAone love FBI you want to become part of the movementmake sure you join me on patreon for exclusive video and live stream contentshow me on that platform for things you will only see their details down in thedescription but I also need something that can stand in

its placeand that is trousers what are some of the benefits of Charles as well like Ijust said it they're dressy but they're stillcomfortable they're great for any style personality and especially great forguys you want to be dressy but don't necessarily want to put on a suit allthe time

also guys they come in a variety of material but let's focus onwool cotton or linen then you get to look at things like pattern and colorlike check these two right here this pair is charcoal gray virgin wool andthis pair is black now you wouldn't think there's much difference

betweenthese two but there is you don't want a black black pair like yousuit you want to have a little contrast black and charcoal gray or gray trousersfor the average guy I like to avoid lighter colors because I want a moresophisticated look but when you want to start talking

about patterns here aresome my favorite this is almost like a Glen plaid and it's gray and this grayhere with the windowpane is freaking epic in my opinion just look at how thatgoes with this nice simple cashmere sweater with the best thing about trialsis you can easily pull them

off with a sweater or your dress shirts in yourcloset love these two pair oh this is just killer and with blue windowpane inmy blue with brown windowpane by the way guys if you think you could pull off anyof these trousers do me a favor and write trousers down

in the commentsection really want to see what you like see what you notice guys is from plainto pattern you will be able to mix and match different shirts differents wherethere's different color comp different shirts different sweaters differentcombinations you'll even be able to throw on a sports coat or

a blazer nowof course you want to make sure you wear a solid top or in a pattern bottom or apattern top and a solid bottom combinations are endless but for me Iwould say my favorites especially this time of year are simply black off-whitecream ivory whatever that is and

then charcoal gray like I have here blackcharcoal grey off-white guys do yourself a favor don't slip don't sleep ontrousers the things you want to focus on want to make sure that they're playing aflat front and I don't like to have any cuff I just like to have a

quarter breakto kind of just lay on top of my boot or my loafer another thing guys is you wantto make sure that your trousers fit you want to make sure they fit nicely onyour leg so you will want to go get them tailored my goodness guys trousers aregonna

open your style came up so much again ask yourself a quick questionwhat's the difference between throwing on the sweater jeans and boots orsweater trousers and boots the difference is one looks more casual onelooks like a modern sexy Savage and guys if any age can pull this off and

lookbut like I always say don't just leave it up to me hit me up in the commentssection let me know guys do you have your trousers have you rocked yourtrousers do you like them let us know which ones and why if you like this kindof video go ahead

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book your one-on-one private Skype consultation details inthe description it's up to you you only have 7 seconds to make the great firstimpression you might as well make sure you knock it out when it comes totrousers I'm kind of like I am about shoes you want to get quality

qualityquality quality you don't want Dockers or some cheap 20or $30 period yes these trousers right here are virgin wool guys what you'regoing to notice is there are two three four hundred dollars a pair but don'ttrip don't trip you can often find them two-for-one or if I find them

on amassive discount especially if you buy especially if you buy off season guysall you need is a couple of pair me a black a grey with the window panesomething like that a solid and a windowpane you don't need a lot oftrousers you just need Charles that are going

to go well into your wardrobe mixand match with everything you have in your closet make sure you bring yoursports coat or blazer along to make sure you have the right solid and the rightpattern trouser