hey guys so as you can see here I am alittle bit obsessed with mother jeans at the moment it's kind of out of control but I love them so much so I thought I'd do like a quick review and tell you guyswhat I like which styles I like

and so on and so forth so let's begin I have one two three four five six seven pairs of mother jeans I have them in fourdifferent styles so this one on the left is a stinger flood design these two arethe mother Tomcat design and these three are the

mother insider crops that fray hem design and the last one is the hustler design to be really honest withyou guys I hated wearing jeans because they just made me look so fat they justseemed to exaggerate my saddlebags and made me look short and stuff like that so for

the past 20 something years of my life I just really didn't wear any jeans like I probably wore them like once every two months but mother denim they really like restored my faith in jeans and theyactually make me so excited to wear them and they're just like really

that good Ilove them so so much so these three the insiders step fray hem are the ones thatstarted my obsession with mother denim and it's actually all in the details youcan tell that it's a mother denim just by the pockets there's a little tabright here all of these

have a different colored tab here and then all thehardware actually matches the tab and you know it's actually kind of crazy solet me show you guys this one with I thought this would be the best way toshow you guys with different tabs and the color I think it's

kind of like thislevel of detail that differentiates mother from other brands and make themextra special so you can tell that these are insiders to free hand by looking atthe bottom so this is what it looks like it's got that asymmetrical cut same istrue with this one and with

this one so the black one is in the color guiltyeraser and this one is in the color crushing it this is the newest color inmother's collection I think this is in the colorshoot to thrill it's a beautiful vintage color and all three of them are in asize 26

just to note mother denim is really expensive like each and every oneof them retails for like two hundred dollars and more so having said that onetwo three four five six seven equals roughly $1500 and more in terms of the retail price but I did not spend that

much money I try to find these online atNordstrom Rack or Poshmark or Depop just keep in mind that youcan get these for a cheaper price if you are open to buying them secondhand or ifyou're open to sort of like searching them online while waiting for them topop up

at Nordstrom Rack or places like that so back to the items and I have sothis one is mother hustler and the color can't leave it alone I believe yeah it'sin the hustler and go-to can't leave it alone this one I got it in a size 27it's a little

bit big on me I should have gone down to a size 26 I think thisone is the highest waisted pair of jeans that I have here I think this is like an11 and a half inch and the bottom is super cute it's got the chewed-up design after I

get sick of wearing it like this I do intend to cut it and make it intolike the insiders that fray hem and then these two Tomcats oMG I love Tomcat somuch so this is the Mother Superior version that's why it has a little youknow mark there this one

is another pair of Mother Superior and I find that theMother Superior ones tend to run a little bit small so just on a side noteall the mother denim the Mother Superior one come with this patch that saysholier-than-thou I think that is so cute and if you watched my

previous video youknow that I was searching for like a nice embroidery patch to add on to oneof the back pockets of a vintage denim that I bought so I do plan to use this one because it is so cute and I think you'll be perfect and this is

so cute it's got the knee ribs here and here in the bottom it'slike this and then this one which is the secret sister has nothing it's just asolid denim I love this one so much the color is beautiful and then it's gotjust a little bit of disrupting

here again all the hardware matches the colorof the tab like it is so crazy this one on the other hand is a little bitdifferent it's got the silver hardware with like a bronze medal here and the white top here and the color is coming off a lot more

yellow than it actuallyis this is more like a true sky-blue color so this is the mother stingerflood in the color high as the heavens it's the Mother Superior line with thetab here with a little bit of rips here and then as you can see it has thatwhite leather

top white buttons and it's got rips on the knees as well and thenyou can see it's got like that little like vintage looking stripe here so thisone the stinger and the Tomcats are button-fly and the other ones are allzipper fly so let me just show you guys how

these look on me this is by far myfavorite pair of insider crop step fray hem it really hugs my legs nicely thisis in a size 26 and it's super super stretchy it's really high-waisted Idon't think this is like a 10 inch rise I think it feels more like

a 10 almost11 inch rise I could do yoga in this one I could do splits in this one if I coulddo splits it is phenomenal my legs don't really look like this like all mysaddlebags they are like literally like suckedbut they're not uncomfortable like if they were uncomfortable

I would hatethese but they're so comfortable and I think the stripes kind of make your legslook thinner too kind of creates an illusion that your legs are like as wideas here not here next one is this mother insider crop step fray hem in the colorcrushing it this one

is in size 27 it is a little bit longer than the other onethat I just showed you and the denim is a little bit thinner than the other oneso it doesn't like sculpt my legs a lot like the other one but this one isprobably the stretchiest pair I

have in my entire collection it's like the moststretchy pair like your legging stretchy pair so this is one that I candefinitely wear to an airport and be on a plane for like 13 hours and I thinkthis color is very versatile because I can sort of dress it up

or dress it downespecially because it doesn't have any like distressing this one fits higherwaisted and the other one actually so my belly button is right here and it's likealmost an 11 inch rise so this is another one of the insider crops to frayhem in the color shoot to

thrill this one is in a size 26 it is not asstretchy as the other two that I just showed you it is slightly shorter thanthe last one I showed you but still longer than the very first one I showedyou and the wash is beautiful the color has like

that little vintage vibe goingon that makes it so beautiful it has like a tint of yellow to it and it makesmy butt look really nice like my butt is flat okay like it's not supposed to looklike that it's like flat so this is one of the ones that

you know um you mayhave to size up maybe not but I do find it to be quite stretchy just not asstretchy as the other two because they are like freakin crazy moving on this is Mother Tomcat in the color secret sister this one has a goodamount of stretch

to it I got it in a size 27 I think I could have gone downto a 26 because it's a little bit big around the waist forme but it fits my saddlebag area really nicely it doesn't really like suck in my saddlebags like the very first one didbut

it's still very comfortable it is super comfortable actually and it givesthat really nice relaxed feel it feels like your perfect pair of mom jeans /boyfriend jeans so it's slightly long on me I think this is like a 27 inch so this is how it would look if I

unroll it I think it still looks okay if I wearlike high heels I think I can kind of wear it like this too it would make mylegs look longer which is always a plus and then this is how it makes my buttlook I like it I do

get why people like hundred percentcotton jeans but for someone like me with smaller waist and larger thighs andbutt cotton jeans can be very uncomfortable around here or they may bejust like super baggy around the waist and I don't like it to be baggy aroundthe waist because I don't

really like to wear belt so that means that I'm kind oflike really suffocating around here and I don't really like that so most of the times I kind of don't like wearing 100% cotton jeans that are just likeuncomfortable all around here because you know why would I be

putting myselfthrough that but this one kind of like gives off that vintage look withoutbeing too uncomfortable and it's slightly tapered it's not likecompletely straight or anything like that so it's not going down from thefattest part of my leg which is right here it's kind of like slimming downhere

know what I mean so I think the tomcat design has a thicker denimcompared to the other ones that I have and it feels really nice and very softand I can wear this to sleep like I literally can wear this to sleep and this is another one that I

think I can wear on a 13 hour plane ride like I'mnot kidding isn't the color beautiful too like Idon't know how they come up with such beautiful colors and washes that are notlike too much but they're not like too boring either they're perfect they'reare so nice they're so

beautiful oh I love em so much so this is mother Tomcat in the color confession and I got a size 27 I actually ordered it in a size 28 once because on the website it says to sizeup so I did but that one ended up being a little

bit too loose so I wanted it to be a little more fitted so this is how it looks the length is perfect it is so so perfect so as you can see here I don't have to like do anything to thelength it's above my ankles and then

it hits me right on the knees yes it's actually thicker than the other ones and because of that it kind of sort of like hugs my body just like the very first one I showed you there is no gap anywhere and mybutt's look oh my god you

can kind of feel the fabric sort of like sucking in your saddlebags and I kind of really like that because I do anything to getrid of these and it's very high waisted too belly button here if you took away everything else I have and told me that I

had to have one I will pick this one If you told me that I could only own two I will pick this one and the very first one I showed you if I could pick one more I would actually go with the inflator step fray hem in the

color not rough enough which is the one that I do not have at the moment but I would love to have that inmy collection and yeah I would actually go for that I don't know who is adesigner behind this I don't know who selected this material but whoever

you are you are my hero so this is Mother's Stinger flood in the color high as theheavens it is a beautiful sky blue color and it's got the knee rips it's more ofa skinny fit I did have to sort of like fold it inside here because it was

a little bit long on me so the denim actually feels a little bit thicker than the other ones minus the tomcat that I just showed you I think it's becausethis is a superior line this is a size 27 I don't think I could have gone down to a

size 26 in this one and it fits like a glove except for the waist part which is just a little bit too low for me and for some reason it is a little bit uncomfortable whenever I sit downbecause I just feel like it's like falling down and I'm

like showing mybutt to everybody even though I know for a fact that I'm not doing that it's sort of like gaps at the back and I don't really like that like there's that gap at the back and I really am not too crazy about that so this is

probably my least favorite of them all but I do like the way it sort of like slims my legs and makes my calves look really nice if you don't like high-waisted jeans I feellike you would love these but to me because I love high-waisted jeans thisis not the

best fit but I believe that to other people to somebody out there this is probably the one but yeah that's why I decided to show you guys this one because whatever worked for me may not work for you whatever don't work for me may work for you so

this is the mother Stinger in the color high as the heavens okay so this is the last one it's the mother hustler design in the color can'tleave it alone it is super high-waisted I think this isan 11 in half inch rise and the wash is beautiful it's got

a little bit of a flare at the bottom and it's a chewed up design and I've been wanting to wearlike a flare denim for some time but the ones that were available were like alittle bit too flared for my taste but this one is a little bit subtleit

doesn't really hug my body as much as I want it to but still it's verycomfortable I think it's because I just got a bigger size I needed a size 26 not a 27 so I did cut the front a little bit but I did leave the back the

way it wasbecause it was a little bit too long on me and when I get sick of this look I do intend to cut it like the insider step fray hem and I think that would look gorgeous so that is it for my mother denim review which of

these were your favorites they're all like my babies right now Ilove them so much I'm actually thinking about adding the Dazzler design to my collection which is crazy because I already have so many but this is an addiction and I need an intervention anyways I hope you guys

found this videohelpful let me know in the comment section down below what you think andhave a wonderful day bye