90s Grunge & Double Denim ft. ASOS, H&M, Primark, Urban Outfitters: Haul ROX S01E3/8

hi guys and welcome back to Horrocks on videojug with me alana this week I'm going to be showing you a lot of pieces that are very grunge throw 90s and we've got a few bits of double denim in there as well so first up we have this skirt

from H&M it was so cheap at 12 99 what I like most about this skirt is how it's got a shorter front me show you so it's shorter here and it's got this sheer kind of like overlay and it goes longer at the back so you know you've

still got the same amount of leg on show but it's a little bit more classic and it's in a really bright blue color so are you gonna stand out in summer would look great on a night out with a pair of heels or you can put even wear

it in the daytime of a pair of sandals maybe in a bar perhaps this skirt I got from Primark for 14 pounds it's a maxi skirt now I already done maxi skirts very much as the first time I've tried because I'm quite short it's got a little leg

on show that's what I like most about it so I think you can kind of see hopefully that it's got little shorts underneath then it's got the sheer overlay and it's actually got two slips at the front it's got one there one there very sexy and I would

wear their smooth like the other scare cropped up or a bodycon top or maybe like a like a boob to be corset you top and with big heels well this kind of lays on the floor when I wear it so i have to our big heels but it's

very sexy and it's great for a night out nothing says 90s like a bit tie-dye it's very grungy as well it's kind of like pinks yellows blues and what i like about this is it's really casual I mean I don't really like wearing dresses that are a little

uncomfortable a little bit too tight so this one's really nice for just checking on especially if you're at the beach or something I would normally wear this with a pair of sandals or I really like it when you wear like a little bowler hat with like floaty warranty

dresses I don't know anything and acute tie dye is also very kind of boho little bit quirky so really good for a festival and especially the comfort factor it's kind of like a sundress so yeah would be great if you don't we'll be wearing skinny jeans or summer

leggings are a really good option these ones are from H&M and they're 2499 and they have a two-tone effect of them leather like fake leather on the front back has just like a normal leg in material coats stretchy has really nice detailing at the front it's what little

zips you need to own a pair of blue boyshorts take a cut off there now I wasn't risky enough to kind of buy a pair of jeans to cut them off because I got schedules going to cut them too short or something so I bought some from urban

outfitters and these were 32 pounds and they had a really cool effect of them these have kind of been washed through so it's almost like an ombre tie-dye effect so the black but they also have like a blue tone to them these are kind of short so be

careful I wouldn't recommend buying a pair of these about trying on them first because they're all very individual pieces so definitely try them on because the sizes really did vary in the shop and but if you are daring enough just to buy a pair of levi jeans and

cut them up and you know chuck some colors on their feud fabric guys go for it I never spend a fortune on sunglasses because I break them I bought these they have a like a two-tone effect I've even free tone they've got black on the front pink on

the sides and grow in the middle there in a ray ban style I open from Primark they were you ever leave this one pound so I didn't mind spending a pound just to get a pair of glasses that I don't mind if they break their very ray ban

ask that they've got a little edge to them with the color red grunge if you want a real grunge 90s feel you need in a denim shirt I own a few denim shirts but this is probably my favorite now because they have a few different elements to it

this one was from ASOS and it was 35 pounds and how a denim body blackshear arms with little denim ends and it's even got little studied detail on the collar so there's so many different elements to it really stands out from you know a plain old LMK shirt

and my favorite way to wear this is obviously with a pair of denim shorts or denim jeans rocking the double denim I feel like the grunge look is all about over accessorizing and I think it's more of a silver jewelry color look so I've got these really big

chunky rings from a sauce you actually get a pack of free it's only for 15 pounds so it's actually quite good value for money especially for quite decorative rooms like these because they've got quite big gems on them pretty like patterns around the outside as you can see

so I've got more silver jewelry this one's from a tree from H&M it was only 799 I feel like some of these chunky and necklaces are quite over priced at the moment so this is a real bargain what I like about this necklace is when you pop it

on kind of place that like that it reminds me of a hexagon but I kind of want to make a head scan out of them quite unique and it's got a real like modern edge on the 90s look so a really great bold and chunky accessories view Sonia

summers coming up but you still might need to add tights occasionally these are a great option if you want to go for a very 90s grunge II feel they are so sexy as well they have a stocking section to it it looks like your own stockings for you

actually wearing tights so it's what's stopping going up like that and then it has this really cool like lightning bolt these are a really great alternative if you want to wear something a little bit different I cannot tell you how much I love HT know at the moment

they have a great selection of sandals in there as well I got these ones in hmmm for 1499 I know so cheap and they have that grungy feel to them because they have the leather straps and the lever back as well they're a bit more edgy because they

have this kind of aztec print at the front really makes them stand out not just a boring old pair of leather sandals I got this top from asos for 12 pounds it's kind of like a baseball league top but I actually remember these being like back in the

90s when Nirvana was around and stuff if you even remember who they are but it is very 90s vote grunge and very cute and feminine these baseball tops you can look quite masculine sometimes because a lot of boys do you wear them but they've made this into a

crop top so very feminine very sexy and would look great actually it with a pair of denim dungarees that would really give you that ultimate 90s feel if you do want a real grungy feel go for something of a chain like this little bit rock chicky i guess

but very pretty at the same time because it has this pyramid stud on it when i think about pyramid something only metal this one has a turquoise one so little bit more girly and very fashionable and it's a real statement on the bracelet it's not too much like

with all of them you know filling the bracelet just one standalone pyramid stud love it I hope you enjoyed today's haul if you like this video and want to see more like it then subscribe to the videojug beauty channel and if you have any suggestions of any holes

that you want to do like want to find some really good buys for a certain trend then just pop a comment below i'll be back next week we have another trend touche by