5 Pants Every Guy Needs| Basic Men's Wardrobe Essentials Part 2

Where's everybody George here from GP lifestyle and in todays video guys I'll be going over 5 pants every guy should own This is part two of my wardrobe basics series and as always gentlemen there are timestamps linked in the description as well as things to all clothing use in this video as well as some freebies and Bonuses for you guys thought through their delay.

Let's get started throw one on this list is non-distressed jeans Yes, I said non-distressed I know I love my distress jeans and I probably warm to death and out of style but these are non distressed because these They're gonna go with everything whether you want to dress up a little whether you want to wear something super Kelly Whether you want to put a pair of dress shoes with them or wear a pair of rugged masculine boots You're going to need a non distressed pair of jeans just a laying around your closet because you never know when you're gonna need something Super casual to wear and that's a little bit more put together a little bit more grown-up now when it comes to choosing colors I got to go with classic black either go with a nice pair of gray non distress and light wash blue non distress This is gonna give you the majority Of styles out there and for me personally You can get as many looks with these as you can you can just dress it up a little bit Like a put like a dress shirt a nice sweater and a nice pair of boots or a flower and jeans Awesome.

This is even more of a country.

Look there's no country fashion out there.

Well Here you go.

And even with the gray one throwing nice Brown pair of boots on them and a nice simple black crewneck sweater over to and you're looking dynamite there is basically this is a limitless that the amount of Styles that you can get out of these and whatever dress code that you like to follow it is basically a no-brainer Dipper to do on this list.

I'm giggling because it's distressed jeans.

Yes I just said that you know, no more distractions But I love these because it adds a layer it has they add like a dimension of style Like an accessory would to your outfit now hear me out Plain jeans going with a bit of a casual more rugged look they do look great But having a fine amount of distressing not not something that looks like it went through an industrial cheese grinder But something like just the slits at the knees or a little bit of a patches, but especially those slits Anthony for me I like them so much because it a little bit more to the outfit.

It's not super plain and basic it's and safe it's just it's a little bit more you sort of make it your own because you've probably chose those paired because of you like the Highly distressing is versus another pair and a lot of these things you can add more dimensions to an outfit by having a distressed perversity non-distressed pair like you would with Accessories and this is why I love having two strategies for me Go in a pair of blue jeans that are distressed just for me at the knees with a little bit of ripples around it Look great and black with just two slits at the knee are awesome and they do have both of these at GP lifestyle dot CA which you guys want to check it out again link in the description number three on this list we're growing up a little bit and that is trousers not suit pants Sue pants is what you say when you don't know what they're but Trousers are the way to say them correctly when it comes to trousers.

What more do I need you? Say there go with a full formal suit But you can also dress them down if you have a little bit of no hon for me This is just a great alternative to again jeans because with these they're made a little bit different there usually a broad cloth and cotton Blend or even a polyester and broadcloth Blend but what I like about these is that you can wear them almost Every season except winter in most cases unless you would throw on a pair of long johns with it But again, you have fall spring summer fashion for with one item and when it comes to child so definitely go with the classic black trousers if you have a Black suit but go with grey but go with great checkered I like these because and as a little bit more of an artsy style to them They're not super plain and safe and they're not super out there like side stripe Trousers which I think just a little bit ridiculous and trendy This is classy Lisa's Formal and this is going to help you dress up Your casual looks a little bit better and help you dress down some of your super dapper wear likes to find a nice Smart casual or a bit of a smart dressed up.

I don't even think that's a term looking just adds a little bit more Dimensions to your wardrobe and going with black and grey minimal and it's gonna match with everything So it's a no-brainer when it comes to colors number four on this list a lot of people say are out of style like distressed jeans, but I I Disagree and that is joggers And when it comes to joggers, there are a million different styles out there super baggy ones super athletic ones the drop crotch awful ones, but when he comes and in my opinion when it comes to joggers You need something that is Fitted and that is versatile when it comes to a casual style any bit more of a street wear look now for me personally I'm gonna be biased I'm gonna recommend the joggers available on my store because of their hinge type design with the Pinstripe jogger especially myself we took High-fashion not really high-fashion just dressed up looks and pair something that is super couch to give you an awesome look is buddies They're super minimal You can match them with everything black.


Navy blue are your choice? But if you're not a fan of pinstripe jogger type totally get a lot of people think it's a little bit more trendy But I see the potential in them definitely go with plain just fitted black Gray, or navy blue or go with the side strike Once I love the side SROI points, too but I wear for more of a Athleisure look rather than something a little bit more casual four five on this list is the men's fashion world's Saving grace and that is chinos Let's all take a minute to pray to the holy Chino and without being so much of a dick here I do love to know that I do love them myself because again, they are a step up from wearing jeans They're a step down from wearing full suit trousers for me This is an excellent middle ground where you can experiment a bit more smart casual style combine a little bit of your casual street wear Looking a little bit more your dapper wear formal wear and you have a nice Balance out of it for me when it comes to colors.

Definitely go.

It's either the crane khaki ones.

They're classic They're always gonna be in style and I still don't have a pair I don't know my old pair that I wore from like in high school They decay no longer fit me any boy gained a little bit of weight, but you know, it happens definitely go with navy blue sheer versatility again You can dress it up a little and definitely go it all in green because these are one that I personally like to dress down And color-block it a little to have something awesome there You guys said that is part to my wardrobes basics here with five pence that every guy should own if you guys enjoyed this video Be sure to drop a like and consider subscribing to the channel because on this channel I help you Yes, you become the best version of yourself by teaching you how to dress better how it'll look better and ultimately how to be better Thank you guys so much for watching be on the lookout for part three to wardrobe series Well, they me, they're gonna do sweaters jackets or or or shoes next.

Let me only look out for that one Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope to see you in the next video.