3 Easy 90's Denim Thrift Flips for Fall!

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Today I have three epic and easy fall thriftflips for you and the dope denim challenge is not over.

I know you guys saw that video.

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more dope denim.

This is more denim on top of denim on topof denim because you guys like denim.

So we're going to do it again and this one is definitely right up therewith the last one.

You don't want to miss it, so let's get started.

Ok, we have three denim pieces that we’regoing to thrift flip today and I really didn’t realize until I wasediting this video that they are all very heavily inspired by the 90s.

So if you enjoy 90s urban streetwear, let’sdo it.

Ok, let’s start off with these jeans.

They are a very light wash pair of Levis that we are going to make a little more streetwear.

I’ve really been wanting to add some neonto jeans, so I found this shirt at the thrift store.

And let me tell you that they work hard atBluff City Mineral because this shirt has been thoroughly washed and still has so many stains it’s not evenfunny.

But the great thing is that the neon reflectivestripes are still in perfect condition.

So the first thing I’m going to do is removethese stripes using a seam ripper just to get it started and then using an eyebrow razor because itjust goes much faster.

So here they are all removed and you can add them to your jeans in anyway you like, but I’ve decided to sew them together tomake two long strips.

And we’re going to weave them through slitsin the sides of the jeans.

So I’m going to measure the width of mystrips to make sure I cut my slits just long enough.

So my strips are two and a half inches, so I’ll cut each slit in my jeans one anda quarter inches on the fold.

Next I’ll just add pins where I want myslits to go to make sure I have them spaced like I want.

Then I’ll use my sharp scissors and cutthem.

And I’m going to cut two slits at each pin that are about one inch apart because that’s where the ribbon strip willbe underneath.

Except the very first slit at the top you’llonly need one slit.

I’ll show you why in a minute.

So here’s what my slits look like and I’m going to give them some instantdistressing by just rubbing the cut ends together.

Then I’ll just put my ribbon strip insidethe first slit and weave it in and out going down.

And that’s why you only need one slit atthe top.

And if you want to make this a no-sew project just go and buy the ribbon of your choice at the store and then use fabric glue to glue it rightinside the first slit.

And I’m going to leave a bit hanging atthe bottom because I really like that vibe.

And lastly, I am going to sew mine.

Just one little stitch back and forth at thetop to secure it to the jeans.

[Music] Holy smoke! Ok, my sewing machine just won’t let mebe great.

But, these jeans will.

And I’m pairing them with my sick Puma jacket that I thrifted in New York and I absolutely love how they turned out.

And then they’re so perfect paired withheels because the ribbon extends longer than theend.

And I think it’s just right for fall andthe back-to-school season in general.

Alright, let’s do a simple little mix upwith this denim jacket.

I knew I wanted to do this project, but I didn’t currently have a denim jacketin my stash so I went looking for it and had to pay awhole $15.

I know I’m seriously spoiled with the thriftprices of the outlet here, but I really don’t mind at all if I’mdoing it for you guys.

And I’m going to mix it up with this supercute men’s plaid button up shirt.

I really like the color combination on thisone and it still had tags on it when I thriftedit.

Alright, to do a very easy mix up of thesetwo I’m going to first use a ruler and sliverof soap to mark a straight line across the jacketwhere I want to crop it.

Then I’ll just cut the jacket along thatline.

Next, I’m going to try the shirt on andfigure out where I want to crop it and add a pin.

And cropping this is going to be really simple because the lines from the plaid go straightacross.

So I’m going to cut about a half inch lowerthan where I put the pin to leave seam allowance.

So that makes it really easy.

I’ll just cut half way between the two purplelines all the way around the shirt.

And to create a cropped button up top withthe top portion I’m just going to take the edge and foldit under, then fold it under again, and sew it down.

Ok, now let’s get back to the main reasonfor this thrift flip.

When you are choosing a button up shirt orflannel to do this project, make sure you pick one that is very closeto the width of your jacket.

But it can be a little less than the widthof your jacket and you’ll see how that looks because mine is a little less than the widthof my jacket.

So I’m just going to sew the denim jacketright on top of the flannel shirt bottom.

But I’m not going to start at where thebuttons are.

In order to get them exactly even in the front, I need to figure out where the middle is atthe back of both pieces.

To do that I’ll line up the side seams andfold it in half.

Then I’ll add a pin in the middle.

I’ll do this for both and then I’ll pinthem together so that the middles line up.

So when I sew them together, I’m going tostart from the middle and go one way then start again at the middle and go theother way.

Let me show you what I mean.

Here you see me going one way.

And like I said before, when doing these denimprojects make sure to either use a thread that matchesyour denim or one that matches the thread used in theoriginal stitches.

Ok, and then I’ll turn it around and startback at the middle and go the other way.

And lastly, because I know this is going toravel and fray I’m going to go back with another seam rightnext to the first one to keep the stitch in place even once it startsto fray.

Ok so here it is and just like that I am ready for fall.

And I think it’s such a good result to beso easy.

I have it paired with these purple joggersthat were just loose leg pants, but I did the same thing from last week’svideo and added elastic in the hem to make themjoggers.

And I’ll add the link here so you can watchthat video after this one.

And these can definitely be styled separately.

Here I have just the crop top paired withmy favorite dope denim upcycle from a few weeks ago and of course I linked those as well becausethat’s definitely a must watch.

This definitely has some 90s throwback vibes, and I’m digging it.

And if you like this one, you’re going tolove this next one.

You all know that I love to experiment withfashion and sometimes old clothes just speak to me.

So I found these gigantic overalls for a whoppingone dollar and seventy five cents.

And I just fell in love with the front pocketswith the green accents.

So let’s experiment with this together.

First, since the bib is really what I love let’s just go ahead and just cut the bibpart completely off.

Now let’s overlap the front on the backon each side and pin it down.

So I think I want to add a little ruffle onthe bottom so I have this dress that I purposely thrifted because I have a tendency to add ruffles to stuff and a girls got to be ready for any upcycle, right? But let’s try cutting off just the bottomlayer.

And I’m not too worried about cutting itstraight because once I get it off I can iron it and then cut a straight line across the top.

So what I think I want to do is gather thewhite piece to make it ruffle then sew it down right underneath the edgeof the bib with the raw denim on the edge so it’llfray.

So I’ll loosen my stitch all the way andbegin to add the gathering stitch.

And if you want some very helpful tips andtricks on gathering, hit that join button below for a full uncutvideo on gathering.

So next let’s make sure the ruffle is thesame width around as the bib and pin the ruffle in place Then I’ll go ahead and sew them together which also sews the bib together on the sidesas well.

Lastly I’m going to pull the threads andI’m done.

Now sometimes I create these crazy thingsand I wonder what is wrong with me….

Until I try to style them and they begin tomake so much sense.

I had this mesh top that I really didn’twant to wear much underneath, so this works perfectly to pair with my newoverall vest thingy.

I don’t even know what to call this thing.

If comments aren’t back yet, head on over to IG or Facebook and let meknow what you think I should call it.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but allI know is that I love it.

And since this is such an experimental statementpiece, let’s experiment with styling it over agreen blazer and pairing it with my two toned jeans fromthis video linked above.

And I have to tell you that if I were goingto fashion week shows, this would definitely be something I’d wear.

And then going along with the whole 90s theme, I just had to fold down the bib and leaveone side hanging.

And that is it for this easy 90s inspireddenim upcycle video.

Let me know which one was your favorite? And I’ve linked all those other videos, so go and watch those right now.

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